1.9 Table Bug[BUG LOGGED]

If I create a table and then exit the program, it loses all columns and info entered into the table. I lost a lot of info in the one table I’d had created. It’s not a big deal, because it was just for fun, but this was not a problem before. Anyone else experience this?

Something similar happened to me. I had a table created in an earlier version of Scriveners for Windows (I think in Beta 1.4), with two columns - the first was the chapter number, the second was the caldendar date(s) attached to the chapter.

The table imported with only the first column - chapter numbers, but all my dates are gone baby gone. And since it was in the “research” section of the file, I can’t seem to find a corresponding .doc file to check it with.

i’ve got something similar going on. I don’t lose quite the entire table - instead, I lose all columns except the last one. Seem to be pretty reliably doing that.

  1. make table, have tried various sizes
  2. save (or don’t, doesn’t seem to matter)
  3. close Scrivener (or file)
  4. Open it back up. Table has only one column, that of the far-right, and the contents for it remain. Number of rows stay the same as the original table.

I also have noticed this problem, on a table with 7 columns and 17 rows. The first 6 columns seem to have been removed after loading in a pre-1.9 Scrivener file. As noted above, creating a new table manually seems to have the same problem. (Note: I suppose the missing columns might be in the Scrivener document, but they sure aren’t visible.)

I had it happen to, started with a table in version 1.0, has carried over all updates fine, but now is just final column after updating to v1.9