1.9 update changed all text formatting

Just updated to 1.9 after a laptop change. I managed to import an older project with little resistance, however since my preferred font is not in the font menu anymore, the update changed all formatting to Arial, the default ‘new project’ font. Any other software this would be easily rectified by a universal reformatting. HOWEVER, Scriv does not seem to work this way. Unless I have all my text in the same single file ‘highlighting all’ is not possible. This current and several other running projects are 400+ page novels with parts, chapter and scenes running through several folders and files so changing scene by scene (file by file) is NOT my preferred option as you might imagine.

Deadlines pressing – any help with this would be very much appreciated… before I roll back to 1.8!!!

To change in-Scrivener font settings, go to Tools->Options->Editor and change the font and paragraph settings as you prefer for your text. Then select the documents in the binder and go to Documents->Convert->Formatting to Default Text Style.

Note that if you are using the compile settings (the “Formatting” pane) to override font settings, or letting a default compile preset do that for you, then it doesn’t matter much how you format your text within the confines of Scrivener; it’ll all come out however it’s set to in Compile->Formatting. Be sure you do some test compiles to understand how things will look, even if you’re not done writing. It doesn’t pay to have to learn all the ins and outs of the Compile process at the last minute.

Aha I gotcha!

That’s great rdale, just what I needed. Once I got going with the shift-click in the binder (and got used to the scary ‘batch conversion is destructive’ message :wink: ) all done in no time. That’s gonna be a big plus to my knowledge base going forward too, so BIG THANKS

In first instance it was just for aesthetic reasons while I work on these pending drafts (who can read sans serif after all?). I understand you can override this at output by changes through Compile. This is one of the things I did work out in Compile - even though I still usually end up going to other software to get parts, chapters, TOCs etc to do what I need… but that’s another story for another post perhaps…