1) Dropbox Sync with Coauthor & 2) A-Z Sort Order?

Hello! I’ve been using Scrivener for some time, but only recently have I started really digging in to the various features & customization options. There are two topics I have questions about:

  1. I use Scrivener on both Windows and iOS, and have my project files set up to sync through dropbox. The coauthor on one of my novels also uses Scrivener (on Mac and iOS). This novel is the last holdout still living on Google Docs, and I’d really like to move it to Scrivener and set it up as a shared dropbox file. Would this work similarly to iOS sync where conflicting changes result in saving one version to a conflicts folder? If not, I would appreciate any advice on safeguards against losing work from anyone who has used Scrivener this way. I think as a last resort we’d be able to each set up our own folders within the Draft section - we rarely work together on a single section - but I can see us running into problems with references and research, and it would help to know how the program would handle that.

  2. Is there a way to sort the documents in a folder alphabetically? I write my chapters out of order, but they’re all numbered, and when I try to reorder them manually I always have a drawn out argument with the file hierarchy because it thinks I’m trying to add a child node to an existing chapter instead of just reordering. If not, is there a better way to move things around than drag and drop in the binder sidebar?

Thanks in advance!

About #1:
You can access the same project from two different computers. I do it with two different Macs. The important thing is that there are no safeguards regarding “sync” or anything like that when you access the project from desktop Scrivener. Scrivener doesn’t know that you are using two computers, so you MUST be careful NEVER to have it open on both computers simultaneously. Having different parts in Draft doesn’t matter.
The project can only be open on one computer at a time.

If you can make sure of that, there are no problems. Each user just opens the project in the normal way and all changes are of course there, as if you would open it on the same computer again.

You cannot have two edits happen simultaneously on two different devices. So this feature is not meant for two people who might be rearranging files and folders, or editing the same text file. You’ll bring doom upon your heads by trying to share a project this way, unless you are absolutely sure that no one writes/edits, or in any way modifies the project you’re sharing at the same time.

In my oppinion, while it’s possible to share a project between two people, it’s best not to if you can avoid it. Keith has hinted that version 3 may be able to merge a “Save As” copy back to the primary project one time. You might be able to share a project that way when v3 comes out for both Mac and Windows, if that feature pans out.

Rearranging files/folders is easier with the keyboard shortcuts. According to the Documents->Move menu, holding the CTRL key while using the arrow keys will move the selected file(s) in the binder around, so that’s what I do when trying to rearrange files.