1. 'Recent fonts' 2. 'Search Collections'

Two questions: “recent fonts” and “Search Collections”

  1. As I create new documents and paste chapters in from a variety of sources, I convert them all to Georgia. However, when I come to select Georgia from the list of “recent fonts”, it is not always there. However among the list of 5, there are two there which I never use, namely Baskerville and Cochin. Why is this? As I use Georgia so often, shouldn’t it be always in the “recent” list?

  2. I’ve done a Search and saved it as a Collection so it will dynamically change when necessary. However, ‘View Collections’ now shows 3 tabs: Binder, the saved Collection, and Search Results. I don’t need Search Results, I’ve already saved it as a Collection! Clicking the small ‘x’ bottom right hints that will get rid of it, and sure enough the Binder reappears, but “Search Results” is still there as a ghostly tab at the top. I don’t want to see it anymore! How do I get rid of it so only Binder and the saved Collection show?

I can’t say specifically why the recent fonts list is working the way you describe, except to say that in general it tracks whatever font is listed in the format bar, which means whenever you move your cursor through text with different fonts it’s picking up new entries and potentially moving older ones off of the list. Baskerville, Palatino and Optima are used by the interactive tutorial, so if you have that open that would explain why they come up. Cochin is the default formatting, so if you haven’t changed that yet in preferences (by the way, you should set that to Georgia if you haven’t already) that would explain why you see a lot of it—and there may be vestigial bits of text laying around assigned to that font.

I’d recommend taking a look at this how-to. There are in most cases better ways to normalise fonts and keep things tidy than pulling down menus and picking from large lists over and over.

On the second point: you can’t delete either the binder or the search results tabs as they are core features of the software. Search Results always stores your last search in terms of settings and the results you get from those settings. It will store them even if you close the project and reopen it years later. The collection makes it so now your project can store two different search patterns. You might not need the second one just yet, but I’m sure you will soon enough. :slight_smile:

Thanks for explaining about the fonts - I’ll make Georgia the default.

You misunderstood about the tabs I think? What I meant is that when you’ve just saved a Search as a Collection (i.e. it’s like a Smart Search/Playlist/Album/Mailbox, whatever) there’s no point seeing the Search Results tab until you do another Search. Otherwise it’s taking up real estate in the sidebar. Scrivener really ought to let you dismiss the Search Results tab if you’ve just saved it as a Collection.

Having a static entry for search results facilitates custom keyboard shortcuts and establishes a consistent and predictable place to go for the last search you were working with. It’s not strictly necessary, but the alternative is extra code for something that might just end up being a confusing thing to some.

Ok, but it’s a real shame you can’t dismiss Search. To give one example, I must have accidentally been in the Search field and typed two letters before I realised. Now I’ve got a 2-character search result which I can’t even clear or dismiss.

What would be good is if you could choose your sidebar view : Binder only, Binder + Collections, Binder + Search, or all 3.