10.5.2 Update Beware!

While it fixed many things, the update has introduced a monumentally long delay when opening contextual menus (spelling, etc.).

What a time killer!

Anyone else notice this?

I have not updated yet, so I do not know if this is endemic, but do you perhaps have any contextual menu plug-ins installed? One of them might be conflicting with the update or something. Check ~/Library/Contextual Menu Items. If it exists—and there is anything in there, try dragging them out to the desktop and log out and back in.

Yeah this sounds like something specific to your system. No problems here, and I’m on an old G5.

I think it was a subtle combination of update euphoria, mixed with a simultaneous spotlight re-indexing and time-machine backup.

Hope I haven’t sacred anyone off :slight_smile:

All’s well.