[10.6] PDF, grey background after page 1

While not a lag issue it is a pdf issue maybe connected to the last post by AmberV - will post as new if needed.

I have just updated Scrivener from 2.5(trial) to 2.5(registered) to 2.6 today.
In a current project I had a pdf file that was reading with no problems under version 2.5. It was set to “single page continuous” and I could scroll with no lag or greying out etc.

After upgrading to version 2.6 using the update command the pdf file now only shows one page before going to a grey screen, even though still in “single page continuous”. Changing to “single page” made no difference, clicking for the next page only gave the grey screen. If I clicked & dragged across the grey screen I could make some of the content appear (see attached image).

Reimporting the pdf file made no difference.
Reinstalled Scrivener v2.6 not using the update command. No difference.

I am using a MacBook2,1 2GHz Intel C2Duo with Mac OS 10.6.8.

Suspect the upgrade involved using different graphics handling not compatible with 10.6.8 and that I will need to revert to Scrivener v2.5.


Update to what I posted earlier.
Reinstalled Scrivener 2.5 (25239).
No problems - no grey screen after 1 page.
I can grab the scroll bar and zip up/down and see every page as it goes past.
Same project files - so not a file corruption issue.

Forgot to mention that have Adobe Acrobat Pro 10.1.12 - whether that makes any difference.

I love the product. Look forward to being able to upgrade when I get a new machine.


I’ve split this off to a new thread since it is a different thing entirely than the thread about scrolling stutter in 10.9+.

In this case, you’ve already done what we suggest: stick with 2.5 if you are using 10.6. There may be a minor update that fixes the display problem, so stay tuned, but don’t worry too much about it. 2.6 was mostly a patch update for Mac OS X 10.10, so you aren’t missing out on any new features.

We are using Apple’s PDF viewing system, not Adobe’s. It’s actually more a Mac bug that you’re looking at (or maybe a developer toolkit bug). No code in this area of the software changed between 2.5 and 2.6. The only difference is that it was compiled on a newer version of Xcode.

Just a confirmation. On Mac OS X 10.6.8, upgraded to Scrivener 2.6. PDF files do not display properly when selecting from the binder or with QuickRef. Resizing the window or zooming in or out may allow one or more pages of the PDF to display.

Not sure how to go back to Scrivener 2.5, but if this is the only issue with the upgrade for 2.6 for OS X 10.6 users, I’m ok for now.

Here is a link to Scrivener 2.5. You can always get the prior version of the software from our change log page.