101 best writer's sites

Writers Digest 101 best sites for writers:

writersdigest.com/101sites/categ … to=closead


May I humbly add authorsaloud.com which features a growing library of brief audio readings from Canadian poets and authors of literary fiction, many of them — such as Barbara Gowdy and Nino Ricci — world renowned.

I know that there are a number of creative writing classes that now visit AuthorsAloud on a regular basis to hear scenes and poems, which lead to discussions about technique.

Yes TCole, it is a wonderful site - a model for many national writers groups. There are particles of fearsome edification in every reading (a sneaky tribute).

Thanks - I’ve been awake all night streaming some superb listening.


Lord (may I call you ‘Lord’?) you are very kind. Thanks for the warm words.

That could get weird.

Yes Khadrelt. If Keith reads that he’ll have a technicolour yawn.

This is one of the 101 sites posted above. It is worth a heads up on its own.


A HUGE collection of writers resources.


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