103 saving different places.

Windows XP. All up to date. Drivers up to date.
Bought version.

-Using “save as” on a different location.(as a backup)on a usb hd named R.
-I have to use each time a different name. (I am now used to that).
-When I return to the usuall dir. on the main drive…named C, I get an popup
telling me that it "Cannot acces R:/namestory.scriv’. File does not exist of
may be deleted or moved.
(R is no longer in usb slot)
klick on OK…

Next popup: is “Save as an Error”
Could not save project: name, Scrivener does not allow saving to a projects
scriv. folder. Please select another location.

Even this will happen if the project is not saved in a .scriv folder on a diff hd.

Next I will put R in usb slot and repeat the whole thing.

With first attempt it is saved In de Scrivener dir under a changed name.
I will put R out of the usb slot. Now I can use “save as”. everywhere. !!!

Concluded thus’. The saved location must be reachable even before another location will
be used.

I do not know if this is just my machine. With the usb drive problem. But thought I mention it
to you.

Thanx for the good support and a very good and fruitfull 2012.


I’m not sure I’m completely following what you’re attempting and the messages, but just a couple notes for clarification:

  1. “Save As” isn’t intended for making actual project backups and isn’t really the best way to go about it, which is probably part of why you’re having some trouble. If you have C:\ProjectA open and use “Save As” to save a copy to D:\ProjectB, you are now working in that new copy–not in C:\ProjectA. All changes you make in the project are saved to D:\ProjectB and C:\ProjectA is not being updated at all. Since D:\ProjectB is the project that you have open and are working in, you can’t again use “Save As” to save a new copy to D:\ProjectB but have to instead choose a new name or location, since you can’t overwrite a project currently open. If you choose to save to D:\ProjectC, then you’re now working in that copy, with changes no longer being made to D:\ProjectB (or C:\ProjectA) and the cycle repeats. You can end up with a long string of copies of the project all from different times and it may be difficult to realize which is the most recent or which is the “backup” copy that you want, so generally this isn’t advisable for just keeping backups; rather, “Save As” is a way to fork a project, turning the new version into something different (say you wanted to copy your novel project to start turning it into a movie script, so you wanted to start with the original project as a base) while still keeping the original active project.

Instead, to make static backups (that is, copies of the project that are purely for archival purposes, so you can reference them or restore from them if necessary), use the File > Back Up > Back Up To… command. This lets you create a copy of the project to whatever location you choose without moving you to that new copy–so if you’re working in C:\ProjectA and you make a backup to D:\ProjectA-Backup, C:\ProjectA is still the active project where you’re working and making changes. You can then overwrite D:\ProjectA-Backup with a new backup if you want (since it isn’t open)–although you probably want to just keep sequential backups, at least for a bit, rather than continually overwriting one. (Scrivener also keeps automatic backups that do this, however, and the choice is of course yours–I just like to err on the side of extra caution–more backups are better!)

So it sounds like what’s happening is that you’re using “Save As” to create new versions of the project on an external drive, which causes you to be working from the external drive in your active project; when you remove the drive and then try to access the project from Scrivener, I’m guessing through the “Recent Projects” menu (or maybe you have the options set to automatically load the most recent project when you launch), Scrivener can’t find that project since your external drive isn’t plugged in.

Additionally, Scrivener projects are always saved as .scriv folders–that’s the project format. So you may just be getting the message regarding saving into a .scriv folder when you’re trying to overwrite an existing project but the “Save As” browser window things you’re trying to open (and then save into) the project’s .scriv folder.

I hope that helps a bit (and doesn’t just confuse the issue more!)–the main point is that rather than using “Save As” repeatedly for backups, you’re much better off using “Back Up To…”