10th Anniversary of my Generationenprojekt


I just want to share my affright, my wonder and my joy that I can celebrate the 10th anniversary of my Generationenprojekt. (http://www.generationenprojekt.de)

The Generationenprojekt is a literary project collecting personal memories of historic events. It publishes short stories, poems, diary entries in which the author recollects how he experienced the end of World War II, the student unrest of 1968, the fall of the Berlin Wall or other happenings mostly in German history.

It is really strange to have a ten year old webproject. I am feeling very old. :wink:

I would be glad and honored if anybody of you would like to add his or her own memory of a historic event in my project. There is no description in English in the project, but it is very simple. Write down your memories and send it via E-Mail to me. I can’t pay anything, so you must give me the right to publish it in the project for nothing. :wink: Of course all other rights stay with the author.


The Berlin Wall.
We saw the pictures on the TV of the wall coming down.
The prospect of drinking good German beer and then knocking f*** out of a symbol of repression was very attractive.

So we tried to book flights to Berlin or Germany without any luck. Everybody else had the same idea. So we went to Barcelona and drank red wine that turned our teeth grey and ate tapas instead of going to a restaurant.


juh, do the events have to relate to Germany, or can it be any historic event? I have clear memories of the day King Abdullah, the grandfather of King Hussein, was assassinated in 1951, I believe … I’m sure I can check the date … If it was 1951 I was just 6 years old, but I have very vivid visual memories of the scene as it affected us; we happened to be in Jerusalem that day but we were trying to return to Amman where we lived.



No, the events don’t have to relate to Germany. The majority relates to german history, because up to now all contributions are in German. But as I said, it would be nice to have contributions in other languages. I mean at least in English, because I can read that. So go ahead! I am very interested in your memories.


OK. I’m very busy at the moment, but as soon as I have time, I’ll try and get it down for you.

You didn’t actually put your email address in the original posting … I presume I can find it in your info on this site or on the web site itself.