Hello Beta Testers,

Beta 024 is now ready for download. This release is mostly comprised of cosmetic interface improvements based on Keith’s feedback in his Quality Control document. I’m only about 40% of the way through implementing changes outlined in this document. There’s still much to do before I get back in earnest to fixing outstanding bugs.

The main reason for this release is because the expiry date on the start-up prompt for beta 023 reads 15th May 2011 despite the fact that the internal expiry is set to the 30th May - this was something missed in the last release that has caused people some concern. This means that if you don’t wish to update to beta 024 right now you don’t have to until the 30th May 2011 when the real expiry kicks in.

Please note that there will be no Linux release until closer to the 30th May 2011.

BUG FIXES in this release are minimal and limited to the following:

  1. Re-implemented the old zip routine so that backup will now function properly for standard Windows zip. 7Zip will not work and remains unsupported.

  2. Setting “Page Break” on PDF compile for “Text and Folder”.

  3. Footnotes on PDF compile.

  4. Multiple inline footnotes will now show up on the Mac Scrivener platform.

  5. Multiple lines appear in standard text mode after returning from Outliner has been fixed.

  6. Projects can no longer be saved within projects. Applies to backup too.

  7. Thousand comma seperators now implemented.

  8. Skewed painting of ruler after returning from Outline mode.

  9. Doc2Any has been completely removed for PDF rendering. This will slow the process for PDF generation but the text will be rendered precisely now that we are generating PDFs natively.

  10. Single click on index cards (corkboard and synopsis) now edits the body text.

PLEASE NOTE the following known issue that will eat your images in beta 023 and 024 - this has NOT been addressed in this release:

Documents>Convert Formatting to Default Text Style DOES NOT properly handle images and will delete them from text. Please only use this function where images are not present in the text until we address this bug.

Use the Help menu > Check for Updates feature to install this 024 update or download the full installer here: http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com

There is no requirement to un-install a previous version for this update.

Kind Regards


This already looks amazing, Lee. I just wanted to say publicly, thank you for all your hard work!
All the best,

Thanks for the update Lee.

Any chance of seeing the ‘Quality Control document’ Keith? I’d be curious to see it and we could have Scriv’ Bingo ticking off the items as they’re fixed :smiley:

Sorry, it was written for internal use and so wouldn’t be suitable for public consumption. :slight_smile:


In other words, it’s full of split infinitives, and you end sentences with propositions!?!

Where are my pearls to grasp? :wink:

I just installed Beta 24 and when I open up a document the whole binder area is tinged grey, the ruler has grey outlining the entirety of it, the headings in the inspector for Synopsis, General Meta-Data, and Notes are also grey. Also for Project and Document notes, the background for those are golden yellow respectively with no ability to change them back to white. When the different view modes of Scrivener are selected the icon for each highlights in a rather bright yellow. I’m assuming that’s intentional but I thought I’d let you know in case it wasn’t.

In the word count, there is now an “L” after words written. Ex: 840L/750

Scrivener’s also handling bullets in an unexpected way.

  1. Create list of bullets.
  2. Hit enter for a new line at end of list.
  3. Delete bullet and attempt to go back to original indent on paper.
  4. Scrivener does not allow this. If ruler settings are changed to return to original indent then when attempting to enable bullets again, bullet indent has been changed.

There should be a way to toggle on and off the bullet function.

Er… Yes, those are many of the interface improvements and the interface is now looking fantastic, thank you Lee! :slight_smile: The binder uses the blue-grey shade that can be found in OneNote, the view mode segmented control uses the gold/orange highlight that is standard on Windows 7 (you’ll find it in Paint etc), the ruler is now reduced in height and the main part of it is white (it used to be tall and all grey) and the notes backgrounds now use different colours, as in the Mac version, so that you can tell at a glance whether you are viewing document or project notes.

The above notwithstanding, there should be options in the Edit > Options pane to allow you to change the notes, project notes and background colours (again just as in the Mac version) so that you can change them back from their defaults to white if you want, but it looks as though these options have yet to be implemented.

All the best,

Nah - he just doesn’t want us realising he writes using ‘Word’ :wink:

By the way, I’ve not seen this mentioned anywhere else on the forums (sorry if I missed it) but any NaNoWriMo winners waiting for the release of the Windows version of Scrivener should now find an updated discount code on their NaNoWriMo winners page which is good until September sometime - hopefully we’ll be able to use it long before then…

I try to never split infinitives - and although I often end a sentence with a proposition, the idea that I would end a sentence with a preposition, which I assume was your meaning, is the most preposterous proposition I have ever come across.

Nooooo…! You can safely rest assured that the QC doc was all written in and compiled from Scrivener. :slight_smile:

Good to have it confirmed that they are definitely all up there, thanks!

And I clearly need more coffee.

That “which I assume was your meaning” bit was meant to be a proposition in itself by the way, as opposed to just sounding like a g*t. I was trying to be clever, but it always fails. More coffee over here too! :slight_smile:

I’m downing my latte and cracking up at you all. Lee, the update really does look fantastic, amazing work!

I do want to note to everyone (and I’m going to update Lee’s original post, er, hope you don’t mind, Lee)–the formatting bug that affects images is Convert Formatting to Default Text Style. Using the convert feature on a document with inline images will delete the images, so you should for now just make formatting changes via the format menu, ruler, etc.

Also update to everyone to say that I’m working on pulling together a list of known bugs for this version, which I will post separately. If everyone would then continue to post new bugs (or additional information on bugs already existing) by creating new topics in the Bug Hunt forum, per usual, and then if you’ve a chance also add a link to the Known Bugs thread, that would be easiest for me and Lee to keep on top of them. I’ll go into that once I actually have the list up. :wink: Should be later today.

No worries. I was laughing at myself on that. :wink:

Thanks for all the work, Lee and crew!

Just to add my voice to the mix… I don’t know what Scriv looks like on the Mac, so it may be fully intentional that now the synopsis cards are shaded the way they are, but I would cast my pebble-in-the-ocean vote for the color to be reversed. Right now, on the corkboard, a notecard is white with blue lines, and it has a tick of color in the upper right hand corner designating what Label you’ve given it. However, in the Synopsis portion of the Inspector (right hand side of screen), those colors are reversed: there, the entire card is the color of the Label you gave the card, and the upper right corner of the card is ticked with white. Reversing that would be easier on the eyes (white card with a tick of color in the corner), especially given that these colors are customizable and you could very well see someone using a hard-on-the-eyes color (bright green, cherry red, etc.) for a particular custom label. It would still be clear at a glance what sort of document you’re working with; or, if not, maybe only the title bar of the card is the label-color, and the body of the card is still white lined with blue.

That would extend the range of functionality for the program.

Just my $.02.

This sounds like a bug, although I can’t reproduce it. The index card in the inspector should use the same colour as the same card in the inspector (minus the label chip). Cards should only be shaded - in the corkboard and inspector - if you have View > Use Label Color In > Index Cards turned on.

All the best,

I’m not sure what you mean by this:

…but I think we’re talking about the same thing.

Here is an image of what is happening:

A few minutes ago (as of my first posting to this thread), the white bar at the right of the notecard’s title was much wider, looking like the chip the card has in the corkboard view.

…in fact, I just resized the Inspector (left-right), and the white at the right of the notecard title is back to looking like a chip, no matter if I shrink it again or not.

The “View > Use Label Color In > Index Cards” setting is not selected. When I select it, the white bits around the title of the notecard go away and the whole thing is the label-associated, rose color.

I arrived at this point via the following:
Base: Windows XP, fully patched

  1. clean install of 023
  2. document imported, added, edited, and notecards assigned labels
  3. Used Help > Check For Updates to get the 024 version (the above project happened to be open at the time)
  4. Opened Scrivener after install (noticed problem)
  5. Rebooted, to see if that fixed it. It did not fix it.
  6. Checked other projects. It is happening with them, too.

Should I open a bug report for this? Is anyone else seeing this?

I am seeing it as well, yes, and I’ve logged it, so no need to open a new report. Thanks!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Heh. Here, I thought the index card thing was working as intended.

I can see the dividing line is missing from the top of the “Document Notes” header bar in the inspector in that screenshot, as well - I’m seeing that too and have logged it with Lee (Jennifer, can you log it as well though? Thanks).
All the best,