Hello Beta Testers,

Beta 024 is now ready for download. This release is mostly comprised of cosmetic interface improvements based on Keith’s feedback in his Quality Control document. I’m only about 40% of the way through implementing changes outlined in this document. There’s still much to do before I get back in earnest to fixing outstanding bugs.

The main reason for this release is because the expiry date on the start-up prompt for beta 023 reads 15th May 2011 despite the fact that the internal expiry is set to the 30th May - this was something missed in the last release that has caused people some concern. This means that if you don’t wish to update to beta 024 right now you don’t have to until the 30th May 2011 when the real expiry kicks in.

Please note that there will be no Linux release until closer to the 30th May 2011.

BUG FIXES in this release are minimal and limited to the following:

  1. Re-implemented the old zip routine so that backup will now function properly for standard Windows zip. 7Zip will not work and remains unsupported.

  2. Setting “Page Break” on PDF compile for “Text and Folder”.

  3. Footnotes on PDF compile.

  4. Multiple inline footnotes will now show up on the Mac Scrivener platform.

  5. Multiple lines appear in standard text mode after returning from Outliner has been fixed.

  6. Projects can no longer be saved within projects. Applies to backup too.

  7. Thousand comma seperators now implemented.

  8. Skewed painting of ruler after returning from Outline mode.

  9. Doc2Any has been completely removed for PDF rendering. This will slow the process for PDF generation but the text will be rendered precisely now that we are generating PDFs natively.

  10. Single click on index cards (corkboard and synopsis) now edits the body text.

PLEASE NOTE the following known issue that will eat your images in beta 023 and 024 - this has NOT been addressed in this release:

Documents>Convert Formatting to Default Text Style DOES NOT properly handle images and will delete them from text. Please only use this function where images are not present in the text until we address this bug.

Use the Help menu > Check for Updates feature to install this 024 update or download the full installer here: http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com

There is no requirement to un-install a previous version for this update.

Kind Regards


I would like to suggest that information be given about the ramifications of doing a beta update.

For example, I have lost my entire personal word list, all of my settings have disappeared, etc.

Had I known this to be the case, I would not have bothered for a “cosmetic update” (which is what 024 is defined as).

By the way, is there a way to save my personal word list (after I rebuild it :slight_smile: ) and copy it back into Scrivener?

I love being forgiving for such a great product!!

Keep up the good work!!

Lee, me ol’ Mucker, have you forgotten something? Irrespective of the “internal expiry” date, the native Linux version will not work beyond 15 May 2011, period. The reason? There’s no option to circumvent the expiry warning pop-up window on Linux (can one press “Cancel” in Windows & the prog. keeps loading?).

Either I’m overlooking something, not impossible as I’ve been struggling with this for the past hour and it’s still only 07:30hrs, or have us Linux users been inadvertently stranded for the next fortnight?

Is there any chance of rescue? Please.

I’m not getting a popup on mine?

I seem to recall that Lee said internally it won’t click off until the 30th. Barring that, the last time they were flooded down under in the big nasty weather they were having, it worked to either keep Scrivener open past midnight or to set your clock back to the previous day, open Scrivener, then put your clock back to the correct date. (So cron jobs don’t get mucked up. Blinovich limitation effect, you know.)

Or hopefully they haven’t plugged that little trick yet. :mrgreen:

Is there not a “Reset” option in the trial box on Linux? No option for anything? Crumbs. I’ll check with Lee on this.

Maybe it’s another bug? I don’t get a popup. (Linux native. wine/windows is almost just like the windows one.)

Meh, also I really meant the “Try” option. It should have the trial code thing in there now, so that instead of the old notice of “This is a beta version and will expire on blah date” you get a pop up that says “this version of Scrivener is unregistered and will expire after 30 days of use or on blah date” and then let you choose “try” or “reset”. But perhaps that code only went into the Windows version, since Linux isn’t going to be going into purchase and trial mode as early. And if that’s the case, perhaps in the switch, no message at all is applied to Linux? Sometimes? Buggily? Bah. Sorry guys, I’m flying kind of blind here, but Lee or I will get back to you on this.

If there isn’t the trial option though, and you are getting the old pop-up about “this is a beta version”, you should be able to just click OK to that and it will keep running, despite the date listed there being the 15th. If you have no popup at all then you likewise should have no problem.

If however that doesn’t work, you can do the old “reset the clock” trick to keep it working. Not great, I know, but at least it will let you keep Scrivener running, and then it should keep working if you don’t close it, even if you fix the clock back to normal.

My guess is, & I don’t mean to cause offense, that you guys are Windows programmers.

Under Linux, if you press “OK” on the pop-up window, the program closes. Nothing loads.

I’ll try the clock work-around to get running… Okay, the program loads. Linux (Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, aka the Lucid Lynx) generates an error message when I try to reset the time again, to say the new time can’t be saved, but the system clock is back to the correct time. Weird.

Not to worry, the work-around works, so I’ll get on with writing. If you guys wouldn’t mind compiling a Linux version of the new release, or disabling/extending the time expiry in the old version, that would be appreciated. As a matter of fact, this beta has been entirely stable. Thanks!

Yes, in fact, Lee’s a Windows programmer. :wink: The Linux beta is unofficially supported, so I realize there may be a few quirks with that since the main focus is certainly getting the Windows version up and running. And I personally don’t have experience with Linux, as I mentioned above, so I apologize for the wrong assumptions.

In any case, Lee’s putting together a new Linux build which should be up in the next 24 hours (on the early end of that, at a guess).

Okay gang, you may have seen this in the Linux forum already, but Lee’s uploaded Linux Beta 024; you can download it from the Scrivener for Windows page. New expiration date is June 30.

Many thanks! :smiley:

Hooray! Thanks.

EDIT: Oops – is it just me, or is anyone else seeing a 404 error on an attempted download?
EDIT#2: Yep, just me and my browser cache.

Try clearing your browser cache and downloading again. It’s definitely there.

Whoops, I never answered this (I think I did in another thread, probably after you politely asked again…) Just to have it answered here, too:

  1. The update from within the program shouldn’t have cleared the settings, that was a bug, and I am very sorry. Lee’s checking up on it for the next installer.

  2. The word list currently is saved as part of the preference settings, so if you use the “Manage…” drop-down menu in Edit>Options to save preferences, you will also save your word list.