Hello Beta Testers,

Beta 024 is now ready for download. This release is mostly comprised of cosmetic interface improvements based on Keith’s feedback in his Quality Control document. I’m only about 40% of the way through implementing changes outlined in this document. There’s still much to do before I get back in earnest to fixing outstanding bugs.

The main reason for this release is because the expiry date on the start-up prompt for beta 023 reads 15th May 2011 despite the fact that the internal expiry is set to the 30th May - this was something missed in the last release that has caused people some concern. This means that if you don’t wish to update to beta 024 right now you don’t have to until the 30th May 2011 when the real expiry kicks in.

Please note that there will be no Linux release until closer to the 30th May 2011.

BUG FIXES in this release are minimal and limited to the following:

  1. Re-implemented the old zip routine so that backup will now function properly for standard Windows zip. 7Zip will not work and remains unsupported.

  2. Setting “Page Break” on PDF compile for “Text and Folder”.

  3. Footnotes on PDF compile.

  4. Multiple inline footnotes will now show up on the Mac Scrivener platform.

  5. Multiple lines appear in standard text mode after returning from Outliner has been fixed.

  6. Projects can no longer be saved within projects. Applies to backup too.

  7. Thousand comma seperators now implemented.

  8. Skewed painting of ruler after returning from Outline mode.

  9. Doc2Any has been completely removed for PDF rendering. This will slow the process for PDF generation but the text will be rendered precisely now that we are generating PDFs natively.

  10. Single click on index cards (corkboard and synopsis) now edits the body text.

PLEASE NOTE the following known issue that will eat your images in beta 023 and 024 - this has NOT been addressed in this release:

Documents>Convert Formatting to Default Text Style DOES NOT properly handle images and will delete them from text. Please only use this function where images are not present in the text until we address this bug.

Use the Help menu > Check for Updates feature to install this 024 update or download the full installer here: http://www.scrivenerforwindows.com

There is no requirement to un-install a previous version for this update.

Kind Regards



PDF rendering doesn’t take that long for a 72,000 word thing. (Less than a second, I"m guessing.)

So noted about images in text and changing default font. :wink: