Hi All,

We are finalizing beta 1.4 testing now and about to commence the packaging process - I’m hoping to release this tomorrow lunch time. Linux users will have to wait until Monday - I’m sorry about this but there’s just so much to do with Windows and so little time left without making mistakes by rushing - you know I love you folks really :slight_smile:

Beta 1.4 will expire on the 30th Jan 2011, so you don’t need to worry about not being able to access your work. This beta will require an uninstall of your previous version, so please ensure your work is backed up properly. The uninstaller should leave all your own work untouched but I’d err on the side of caution regardless. Linux users I’d make sure you have done this before the beta expires on Sunday.

I will provide a comprehensive update tomorrow; however, I’ve listed what has been fixed in this release below. This release was mainly focused on getting the rich text engine into a much more robust state as we have had to write much more of the engine again than we first thought. I believe we have ridden Scrivener of 95% of the RTF related bugs that we had earlier. Out of the 45 problematic files RTF files that we’re sent to me, 42 now pass without issue. So, it’s not perfect but definitely a damn site better than before and we’ve run out of time as the existing betas expire on the 12th Dec 2010 - so we have no choice but to release.

So, what’s been fixed in 1.4:


  • RTF Import and export problems have been fixed.
  • Changing fonts, font size and font families have now been fixed.
  • Problems with lists, and images in the editor have been address.
  • Table cells sizes now remain as well as many other table related bugs are fixed.
  • Issues with Scrivener links have now been address.
  • Scrivener links between Mac and Windows has been addressed.
  • Transferring German projects from Mac to Win changes the umlaute. ö becomes š, ü becomes Ÿ and ä etc - fixed.


  • Compiling to RTF and including title no longer creates 1000+ page output and every character to run on a single line down the left-hand side of the page.
  • Compiling to RTF you can now include footnotes and they are rendered to correct RTF style footnotes.
  • Compile to text results no longer duplicate every card text.


  • When nothing is selected in the binder and you exit Scrivener and then restart and click on any mode no longer crashes Scrivener.


  • If a link is at the end of a sentence hitting return no longer continues the link to the next line.
  • Vanishing and re-appearing text issues have now been addressed.
  • Cut and paste from Word RTF no longer adds.
  • Space added end of each paragraph a space at the end of every paragraph.
  • All accents are now maintained by the editor e.g. Ç ü é â ä à ç ê ë è ï î ì Ä Å É æ Æ ô ö ò û ù ÿ Ö Ü á í ó ú ñ Ñ ¿
  • Tables row and column box no longer hang when you highlight values and change values by typing.
  • On format menu changed struck through to strike through


  • You can now select more than 20 characters (as much as you like) and click to auto-populate synopsis button.


  • To RTF has been fixed
  • Added support for Postscript and PDF.


  • There is now a familiar Windows “Exit” command on the file menu instead of a Quit.
  • Split screen tooltips now reflect correct horizontal or vertical values
  • The vertical split screen can now be activated by CTRL+SHIFT+”
  • Various tutorial corrections.
  • Fixed hideous bug when creating back-up of a project and opt to use a non-zipped up version. This created multiple copies of folders within folders that could then not be deleted.


  • Dictionary doesn’t remember learned words between different projects
    The dictionary is currently enabled to learn words on a project by project basis. Learned Words on one project are not known words in another project. This needs to be changed or an option given to the user to make the scope Scrivener wide instead of project specific - I know a lot of people are craving for this - we will get to it ASAP.

  • Exporting tables to RTF - we discovered this (11/12/2010) as we were packaging. This will be a priority fix as well :{


Thanks, Lee. Can’t wait.

Woohoo! Congrats on a herculean effort!

Awesome. I seemed to get that one all the time…

Lee, it sounds great.

  • my reported footnotes rtf issues sound like they are zapped
  • very glad to hear the state of the rest of rtf
  • I am 90% sure your ‘save when nothing selected in binder - crash on selecting after reopen’ is that crashing bug I could never duplicate and sent you the project to analyze. Great.

You guys are getting there…!


Very excited! This is going along so nicely, and I am so pleased that everything is progressing! Thank you for your hard work!

OMG I’m so excited! Why do I have to work tomorrow? Blargh! Thank you Lee for all your amazing hard work.

All this sounds amazing…

Thanks to you for the great work !


Looking forward to tomorrow.

Wonderful news, and many many thanks for all the hard work that has/is going into this Windows version of this excellent program…

Excellent Work!

We all appreciate your hard work.

Sorry to ask…

…can someone please tell me in really simple instructions what you mean by back up our work? Is that like, save to a memory stick?

I’m not the most computer knowledgeable person you’ll deal with! :blush: Thanks x

Loving Scrivener by the way!

Backing up your work simply means to take a copy of the .scriv folder that contains your Scrivener project.

For example, let’s say I created a new project in Scrivener called “My Novel” - the title of your project will be displayed when you open Scrivener at the very top left of the Scrivener program Window. For example in this case it will display: Scrivener - My Novel.

When you create a project in Scrivener, a folder will be created in the location you chose to save your project. In the example, this folder will be called: My Novel.scriv - this folder represents your project and contains many files and other folders that are all part of your project.

You may have created one or many projects. So, just backup these folders and their contents to a safe place. In reality, they should be safe with the new install. Even when you uninstall the old beta the uninstaller still backups any projects and documents found in the install folder if they exist - so, it should not be an issue. More a precaution.