Hi All,

Apologies for not posting on the weekend as I promised - I’ve been off sick for the last few days.

We made good but slow progress on bug fixing this past week. We implemented the ability to switch dictionary languages as well as fix all known dictionary bugs with the exception of the aggressive underlining ‘feature’ of misspelled words; we will not be able to sedate this until after the core release as it’s not so much a bug but annoyance that requires substantial work to remedy and hard to justify considering the amount of bugs we still need to fix.

We also fixed all aspects of the search function and tidied up the find and replace, and enabled index cards to save multi-lines.

The zoom also proved to be more difficult than we’d anticipated so we are looking at that now, along with implementing HTML, DOC, DOCX import and export. We are also looking at re-working the entire install package so that we can incorporate updates automatically.

I will most likely continue to work through this week and then take a break for a week to re-charge and spend some time with my family so I can last until the end of Feb 2011 for the release. Ian, who works with me, will continue work whilst I’m away. However, he’s in Brisbane, we’re the floods are currently - so that’s not a given either.

It would make a lot of sense releasing another update at the end of this week; however, I’m conscious that I will be away and unable to provide support if required - I’ll see how we go here and keep you posted.



Get well soon! :slight_smile:

Just take it easy …

Thanks for the update – always good to hear what’s happening.

Personally, I vote for a new version before you take time off (assuming there’s a choice) – I love having new versions to play with :smiley:

While I’m here… do you have an ETA for document templates functionality (hope that’s the right term, I mean for making/manipulating Character Sheets etc within a project) and their icons?

Take your time and get some rest!

Ack, hope you feel better!

I will be looking into the template issues this week.

Yay! Good to hear, thanks :smiley:

Lee, all sounds good as far as plans.

Keeping well and keeping sensible comes first, and I think you are hearing enough of us on that :wink:.

A goal is a goal, and with software, reality does often enough bite, so let’s just follow you through the flow, and see where it comes out. Exact dates are not the most important thing, and everyone appreciates that you try to meet them anyway.

Good for the enjoyment and recharge this weekend - and Brisbane to dig itself out. I grew up with floods, know how that can be.


Ian, we were in Brisbane last month and explored the river walk. It’s a lovely and friendly city, and we promised to come back to see it more. The rains were beginning just as we left; now the central city is flooded and abandoned. Let’s hope that your colleague remains safe and dry. Is there a place to send donations for the flood victims? --D