12 part TV series... Keeping it together.

I am working on a TV series (done lot of work so far).

Any advice on keeping everything together. Is there a kind of folder option?
Particularly I would like to keep my Project Notes available within each episode.

Firstly, this would be better posted in the Mac Technical Support forum. :slight_smile:

Then, as a suggestion, as I’ve never had occasion to use these, but:

  1. I’d explore putting your notes into “Document Notes” in the inspector
    But if you’re splitting your scenes into different beat documents, then:

  2. either
    (a) put the notes in the scene folder document,
    (b) put them in research
    And then either:
    (i) open them in a split editor alongside the scene you’re working on
    (ii) if you’re using option (b), also explore creating Scrivener links between the notes and the related scene documents.

Hope that helps.


PS Perhaps a moderator will move this thread to a more appropriate forum.

Thank you Mark.
I think the answer you gave is what I am looking for, but I still don’t quite get it.
I searched for “folders in Scrivener” on the internet and came across “Creating templates from scratch”.
This may be the way to go. If I run into a brick wall, I’ll post anew.
Should such a post also go to the Mac Technical Support forum?

If you’re working using Scrivener on a Mac (as your profile indicates), then you’ll get better support if you post in the Mac section of the forum. especially if you’re looking for advice on how to use Scrivener, or help with particular functions.

Have you done the Tutorial which you find under the help menu? If you haven’t, do so and all should be made clear; you don’t have to do it all at one go.

If you have and perhaps felt overwhelmed, open it again and look at the Binder on the left. You’ll see “Folder” icons and “Document” icons. Those are the ones I was referring to.

Not knowing how you’ve set your project up, it’s hard to say more, but if you can post screenshots, that always helps.



I second Mark’s suggestion that you read the Tutorial.

Yes, you can create as many folders as you like in the Binder, with whatever outline hierarchy you want. Note that only the contents of the Draft (or Manuscript) folder will be available to the Compile command.

Yes, you can create both Document Notes for individual component files, and Project Bookmarks for the entire project. There was a terminology change in Scrivener 3, whereby Project Notes were merged with Project Bookmarks, so some older documentation may be out of date and confusing. But yes, you can see project-wide notes from anywhere in the project.

I’m going to move this thread to the Using Scrivener forum, since it’s generally applicable to any platform.


Thank you Mark and Katherine,
Following your advice, I am halfway through the Scrivener Tutorial, wonderfully structured and expounded.
I tend to learn by taking things apart and trying to put them together again. In this case I managed to create the structure I wanted from youTube videos. It works but it is a bit of a mess!
I’ll keep exploring, read the Tutorial, and then, as I learn, tidy up my folder structure. Ryno.