12" real estate

Sorry, I had posted this in a section on seeking comments for laptop usage, originally:

I use Scriv on a 12" iBook. I have been trying to expand the Binder window b/c I can’t see the titles of my documents. I have struggled with the two headed arrow to no avail. Can someone tell me how to expand that box? I am not sure why there is no way to expand it that seems obvious.

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You do it the same as in Mail. You can use the grabber at the bottom of the binder (the three vertical lines on the right-hand side of the footer bar directly beneath the binder). How far it will widen will depend on certain other elements, though. The document views and the inspector all have minimum widths, so how far each one can be widened depends on how wide you have the others set (the binder should take precedence, though, and should squeeze the others when enlarged*).
Let me know if you still have problems.
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*Hmm, not quite sure about that phrase.

Were all men of the World Capn, 'Men o tWorld :wink: (metro…err…metaforioallically talkin`, ladies).


It’s a worldly phrase for sure. I tried those three vertical bars and nothing. A double headed arrow appears with the promise of, umm, enlargement, but nothing happens as I hover and click in various increments in an around the three vertical bars. Any clue about why? It’s really irritating that I can’t see the stuff listed properly in the binder…


It sounds like you may have run into a maximum/minimum (or fully squeezed and fully enlarged) problem. In other words, the other window elements have already reached their minimum size and thus cannot be reduced any further, and the Binder is already at minimum so it cannot be expanded or reduced either. If you display is actually 12" (or is it 15"?) you might simply just be out of space.

First, make the window bigger if you can. Use the Window menu command “Zoom to fit screen”.

If that doesn’t work, try turning off the Inspector if it is open. That’s the sidebar on the right with notes, index card, and other information. You can do this by clicking the blue circle icon or pressing Cmd-Opt-I. Now try resizing the Binder. If that was already closed, or you are still having problems, you might be out of luck. I’ve never tried Scrivener on a 12" monitor so I cannot test what is going on.

Fortunately, there is still a way to read your titles. You can select the Draft folder and press Cmd-1 to enter Outliner mode. Now the contents of your book are displayed in the much wider edit area. Click the little ellipses icon on the end of the column header bar to remove columns and make more space for yourself. It isn’t ideal, but at least you can see full titles.

Note: You can use the hairline separator to resize as well, it’s just not as easy to grab as the slider area at the bottom. Either method should be working, but it will appear to do nothing if the other window elements are already as small as they will go.

Your suggestions worked: I was able to make the binder window wider with your suggestion and also keep the Inspector open and legible as well. It was zooming into “fit screen” that did it!
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