12 years of writing end up in Scrivener

I just published a blog post in German about how 12 years of writing finally end up in Scrivener to produce 12 ebooks.

hasecke.eu/Members/juh/von-d … zum-e-book

1998 I started my satirical blog using handmade html pages pushing them with ftp on to a server. Soon I used a skripting tool to generate the html and finally I installed a CMS. In 2002 I published the blog post from 1998-2000 as a book using LaTeX. Two years later followed the second book done with LaTeX for the post vom 2001-2003. When I discovered Scrivener I started to write in Scrivener posting afterwards to my blog. So when I finally decided to publish all posting from 1998 to 2009 as an ebook I already had some of my posts in Scrivener. But as I am also working with Sphinx I tried to convert all texts from the LaTeX-sources, the website and Scrivener to a Sphinx-project which does not worked. So I decided to use Scrivener. I finally converted all texts from 1998 up to 2009 to use them in Scrivener and compiled year after year.

They are now listed here: sudelbuch.de/1998-2013-2008

The moral of the story: You can do what you want, over the years your content will live in many tools. Never ever use anything you cannot convert by hand into another format if other tools fail.