It seems like there’s a bit of a pile-on in progress towards a user who does understand what betas are, did in fact read the bug list, had particular expectations about certain behaviors being fixed, and is now expressing confusion. There’s a lot of information to digest on these forums, and not everybody reads the same threads in the same order and has it all perfectly up-to-date. People have bugs, too. :slight_smile:

This is not the same as not understanding the nature of beta software. I’m an old hat at testing software and if I saw in the release notes that problems with feature X were fixed and then I used feature X and there were more bugs, I’d be back on the forums asking for clarification myself. Note that the OP in fact asked if they were doing something wrong. I didn’t read that post as attacking Lee or L&L or Scriv in any way…so I’m a little puzzled why the pile-on.

Deep breath, everyone. We’re all in this together. Lee’s doing an amazing job with this software and if there’s the occasional issue with mis-matched expectations, gentle pointers to the appropriate discussions will help get everyone caught up.

Just adding my thanks, Lee!

Thanks for all your hard work–it’s a wonderful product and will only get better.

Don’t fret about those negative twitter posts: Take your time, do things right, and everyone will benefit from a stable, robust piece of software.

I’ve been wanting Scrivener for Windows for several years. I am thrilled that the full release is just a few months away–and that I have this awesome beta to play with now.