Hi All,

It is evident that our performance improvement code introduced several nasty bugs in beta 022. Firstly, our sincere apologies caused by this previous beta release.

What made most of these bugs particularly difficult to fix was that we were unable to reproduce all of them. However, given the large amount of feedback clearly there were issues.

The following bugs have been addressed:

  1. Scrivener saving issue. Hopefully, this has been addressed. Unfortunately, we were not able to reproduce this most sinister issue so we’ll have to wait for confirmation that our changes have in fact worked.

  2. Scrivener Crash when editing folders text. Fixed.

  3. Pulled 7Zip code fix attempts out. Reverted to standard Windows zip archiving once again. Please note to open Scrivener zipped backups please use the built in Windows zip tool not 7Zip. Which is not supported.

  4. Additional View/Group mode changes to align functionality identically to Mac platform. Fixed.

  5. Project search and replace saved after project close. Fixed.

  6. Templates now work as expected and no longer open to blank template. Fixed.

  7. Document inspector sticking to previous document when using splits and closing out of project and returning. Fixed.

  8. Paste and Match Style within fullscreen with short cut keys. Fixed.

  9. Horizontal split screen mashing up of text for scrivenings and long documents. Fixed.

  10. Minor installer fixes with wording. Addressed.

Beta Release 023 is now available for download (Windows and Linux).
(Please remember to refresh your browser as it may have cached contents from the previous release)

IMPORTANT NOTE: a full install is required and any personal settings that you’ve made within Scrivener will be lost so you’ll need to customise them again. This was unfortunately due to the need to rename a registry keys to align with the Mac platform. There should be no further changes so you’re settings should be safe moving forward. I’m sorry about that too.

Moving forward, we are still aware of the following issues: various compile fixes, word count not showing issues, total word count issues, binder icon refresh issues, rtf lang issues when importing non utf-8 Chinese text. We are also aware that the CTRL+ALT short cut key combination are going to need changing due to international languages and Windows legacy code using the right ALT key combination for creating accented characters. As usual we will do our best to address these outstanding issues as soon as possible.

Thank you for you continued support with the beta and once again apologies for any inconvenience beta 022 may have caused.



wow. The only problem I encountered in 022 was the “compile issue.” No empty documents, or other problems described.

Was I lucky?

In fact, 022 was so stable for me that when a writing teacher and fellow Nicholl writer (who has and loves Scrivener for MAC) asked me if she should recommend the PC version to her students, I told her that they should absolutely download the latest beta for a tryout.

anyway, I just emailed her, so if they download it will be 023.


I’m afraid it hasn’t solved my problem at all of compatibility. Every time I try to open my manuscripts, I get this message: Project (title) is incompatible with this version of Scrivener. The project at (c:drive location) is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.

It does this to all three manuscripts I’ve been working on since the first beta I downloaded.

I’ve emailed and received no response.

Hi Tamarah

I’ve had this problem on and off with all three betas I’ve tried, normally when working between computers. Each time its resolved itself by uninstalling and reinstalling, except for one file (the one I want, unfortunately!) which still doesn’t work. I’ve given up on that one, it probably had an extra couple of hours work on it but I can’t remember what it is now. THe only difference with that one was that I manually saved the file to the desktop so I would remember where it was for some reason (it was late at night, don’t know what I was thinking…) SO I think it got separated from the rest of the scrivener folder.

Hope it works out

I haven’t suffered any ill effects from Beta 022 either (which I am still using). Perhaps I have just been lucky, or maybe there are a combination of elements which affected some 022 users and not others.

One thing I did notice, however, is a new pop-up telling me I have 15 days left … this seems to be a bit different from the previous pop-ups that gave a end-of Beta version date.

Hi ed_,

The new pop-up is just part of the trial test code–ultimately, once Scrivener is out of beta, downloading the program will let you have a 30-day trial period, which will count down your remaining days as you’re seeing. Lee’s included this code for the 022 beta onward, but you’ll notice there’s also a “reset trial” button, so you won’t actually be locked out of the program before the beta expiration date.

All the same, you should really upgrade to the 023 beta, as it fixes several bugs, and if you do run into another bug we’ll need to know it was on the most recent beta so it can get corrected. :slight_smile:

After I finish working on tonight’s session, I’ll close the programme and will upgrade to 023 before I start tomorrow!

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that some of the work I did earlier today in 022 has been saved, but some of the later work has not. Odd. I’ve checked the back-up as well :cry: