Hi All,

There’s good and bad news today.

The bad news is that the past fortnight has been pretty tough on Ian and I. Ian lives in Brisbane, Australia which, if you have not heard the news, has had a major flood i.e. entire houses covered in flood water - pretty major disaster claiming many lives.
Yes, the brown color is actually muddy water. Coupled with this, we’ve both been sick.

The good news is, I’m in the process of uploading an interim beta for those that wish to download it - beta 1.55. It’s not labeled beta 1.6 purely because we didn’t get as much as we wished into the code base and there’s no Linux version. I have detailed a full report of what has been fixed below. However, at a high level we’ve fixed a smattering of bugs (mostly search, find and replace and editor bugs) and implementation of multi-language dictionary support in this release.

In the 1.55 download the following languages are installed by default: various flavors of the following languages: English, Breton, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish and German. This has added an additional 40mb to the install - which clearly we need to do something about.

The following other languages are also now supported: Catalan, Czech, Welsh, Danish, Greek, Esperanto, Faroese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Swedish and Ukrainian. These are available by downloading another language pack file of ~95MB from the following URL and extracting the zip file contents in the Scrivener\Aspel\dict directory - http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/Dictionary%20Pack.zip
Save Additional Zipped Dictionaries.png

I am also very conscious that I have not had sufficient time to properly respond the the large volume of forum posts. I plan to try and get back on track this week - please bare with me, I still have email three weeks old that I have not responded to. It’s nothing personal - just a time issue.

At the end of this post I list the worked planned for the coming week as well.

OK, here’s the detailed 1.55 fix list:


  1. Spell checking is now available for foreign language operating installs.

  2. The ‘i’ now gets capitalized when one turns off “check spelling as they type.”

3. Tutorial refers to the following which is missing functionality in Scrivener currently…
“This way, you could easily run a search on all chapters that have a particular character as the protagonist by searching on label only (by typing the name of the character in the search field in the toolbar and then choosing “Label”—or “POV” if you have renamed it such—from “Search in” in the search options menu, which can be accessed by clicking on the arrow next to the magnifying glass in the search field). Status works much the same, except that it is meant to keep track of the state of the document—for instance, “Finished”, “To do”, “A mess” and so forth—although you can rename it and use it for something completely different should you so wish.” - FIXED

  1. "If I highlight a word and press CTRL+F, the find field is not auto populated with the selected word. - FIXED

  2. Plus, words are only found after cursor. - FIXED

  3. Plus, there’s no message to assure user what has transpired. - FIXED

  4. When using Project Search, the search term should be highlighted (in some colour), wherever possible, making it easier to find why a document matched - FIXED highlights in yellow.

  5. All project search options should now work as expect

9. We have incorporated multi-line functionality for all index cards i.e. multi-lines will now save.

  1. After last fixes cork board index title and index text fonts do not update when changed in the Options - cork board tab - FIXED.

11. “When creating a new document, the indentation settings automatically set the first line of a paragraph to half an inch – which is exactly where I want it, so I’m happy about that. However, after typing text into said document, then closing Scrivener, and later returning to my project, the indentation for all documents which I have typed in are reset to the far left margin.” - FIXED

  1. Changing the ruler snap option doesn’t stick after apply is clicked - FIXED

  2. Roman numerals no longer display half-on-half-off screen in windowed or full-screen mode.

  3. The main format bar doesn’t have a button for inserting lists. This function is only accessible via the Format menu - FIXED icon now exists.

  4. Paste text from MS Word into Scrivener, Scrivener is adding a space at the end of every paragraph - FIXED.

  5. When working in a text box, if I type the following: “Blahbitty blah (huh?) yxxx”

  • the “Y” is automatically capitalized, because it thinks I’m starting a new sentence because of the question mark (or exclamation point) in the parentheses FIXED. We still need to fix auto-capitalization of one word sentences that’s not fixed as yet.
  1. Font changes when all text deleted from editor - When all text in the currently opened text item is selected and deleted, it should disappear. All margin and font settings should remain the same - FIXED.

  2. 1st Line Indent disappears cut n paste - FIXED

  3. Sitting in bed feeling sorry for myself this week I tried to focus on something simple. I decided to implement a Scrivener Mac 2.0 feature for generating character names. It was far simpler than I thought and so decided to boost the Windows version with some steroids. Available from the Edit->Writing Tools menu

Unable to fix currently:
Sedate the aggressive underlining for spelling. This requires a fair degree of work to remedy and as it technically isn’t a bug but more an annoyance. It will be addresses after the beta. It is closely link with the inability currently to enable zoom. To fix both of these items is a significant re-work of how the editor works with page formatting. This is not something we’re happy about or something we want to rush into fixing as so much else could break in the process.

Work planned for this coming week and a bit:
VeryDoc implementation - doc, docx support etc. I know I keep saying this, but all the 3rd party solutions are pretty average and cause us lots of frustration as no one else renders doc and docx better than Microsoft. Everything else seems to be a hack at best. RTF is still very much the common ground, but I realize people want the convenience of doc and docx import/export and we’ll get there.

Ability to save your own templates. This needs to be fixed and should be a simple one - sorry to keep you waiting on this.

Dictionary - Auto correct capitalizes after hyphens - it should not i.e. then-what becomes then - should be QUICK FIX

Smart apostrophes are lost with RTF imports (note: standard apostrophes work fine).- should be QUICK FIX

Em and en dashes are also lost with RTF imports- should be QUICK FIX

File names with additional ‘.’ to be handled - should be QUICK FIX

Multiple doc printing

Scrivener link formatting moving from line to line. This is an annoying bug where formatting from Scrivener links, footnotes, annotations etc are carried to next line. Also we plan to add the footnote and annotation capability to right click mouse control.

Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode - Screenplay - I noticed that the Parenthetical element puts opening and closing parentheses in the middle of the text, regardless of whether or not it’s in the middle of the word, and that by choosing a different element, the parentheses remain.

Final installer is still a work in progress i.e. live updates etc.

Beta 1.55 download http://www.literatureandlatte.com/scrivenerforwindows/



Thanks for the new version – great to have new toys to play with :smiley:

Sorry to immediately come back with questions and requests but they come to me most strongly as I use a new version…

This is probably a stupid question but how do I add multiple lines in the index cards? Pressing enter ends the editing and I tried Shift+Enter, Ctrl+Enter and Alt+Enter with no luck. Also, will I be able to use the bullet/numbered lists on them in the future?

Also, the name generator is a great bonus feature but I have a number of suggestions for it (a poshness/class slider for example). Should I add them to this forum or the Mac version? I assume your intention is for the Windows version of Scrivener to match the Mac version feature for feature eventually and I’m not sure how close to the Mac version of the name generator the Windows version currently is (i.e. there may be features I want that are in the Mac version but not implemented in the Win version yet). So, where’s the best place to post those feature requests?

Thank you for all your work Lee - I can’t believe you and Ian have managed to get as much done as you have, given all the obstacles in your way. Implementing the name generator while laid up in bed is really above and beyond the call of duty! :slight_smile:

Is it okay to just install this version over the top of the old, or would an uninstall\reinstall be better?

For what it’s worth, I installed 1.55 over the top of my previous 1.5 install with no apparent ill effects except that the shortcut for 1.5 and uninstall v1.5 were left in the start menu (alongside the new shortcuts for 1.55) and I had to right click and delete them manually.

Looking very promising.

Thank you for the update!

Wow thanks! And the random name generator was one thing I was lusting after in my fiance’s copy of Scrivener. Downside is that I’ve now got a bunch of characters running around with Ancient Sumerian first names and Korean surnames.

Yikes to the flooding. How are you and Ian surviving? Got a friend in Brisbane, but she’s fairly high up on a hill, last I heard.

Blimey mate - with all that stuff going on its a wonder that you are able to do ANYTHING productive. I wouldl be quite happy to ‘put up’ with an incomplete Scriv for a while longer, whilst you spent time on rather more important, human centered matters.
Awstruck respect from the land of the wan pom sun.

Wow, those floodwaters are terrifying. I hope Ian and his family are all safe and relatively sane. And don’t feel too bad about not getting so much done. At least you’ve done something! Meanwhile when I’m sick, I lay around dramatically wishing for a swift end to my suffering. Thanks for the update, and get well soon!

Stay safe and thanks for the update! Love the fact I can now have multiple lines on an index card.

Thanks for all the hard work; in the circumstances this counts as going “far beyond the norm”.

Just stay safe …

Wow, Lee! You have now proven that you will continue development “come hell or high water” (literally!). Thanks for all you do.

Thank you for your hard work while being sick and underwater. The photos we’re seeing on the news are heartbreaking.
It’s understandable why this project has slowed a bit. I’m happy to have what I have right now and when it all get’s finished it will be like Christmas. :laughing:

Stacey, can you put me out of my misery and please tell me how you’re doing multiple lines in the index cards? I’m sure I’m missing something obvious but I need telling :open_mouth:

Edit > Options > Navigation tab

Go to return key behaviour section and uncheck return ends editing synopsis in corkboard and outliner. Click ok.

Hope that helps.

Lee, that’s a flood. All best thoughts to Ian in getting the swamp drained and his home dug out.

I have to say that each time you show work, it looks entirely responsible and effective work. It’s just good to see.

I will add my voice to others that you both take adequate time to follow family and friend matters, and to be properly recreated, rested, and healthy.

There are so many ways software can take longer, and packages from others are just one of those, as you know.

Can we pay you for a license early? That might be a way to take some pressure off, and for us to recognize what we see as excellent effort here. Especially at such a fair price, and given the community here.

A thought, anyway. See what others say.

Best to each,

D’oh! and I even looked through the options yesterday trying to spot if it was an option. I can stop tearing my hair out now, thanks.

I am not sure if this is an example of what Lee meant by “aggressive” underlining, but I’ve run into the following annoyance (noticed first with 1.55 on Windows 7):

Once I have typed a misspelled word into the “Document Notes” window, the underlining never completely disappears. I can correct the word, I can delete the word, I can type something else - none of these fix the problem. The underlining disappears temporarily if I delete all text from where the misspelled word originally was displayed. But the minute I type anything in that space, the underlining reappears - up to exactly the same character length as the original misspelling.

Thanks for a fun product that is changing how I use my computer to write! Stay dry and safe.

The photo is just scary. You’re a tough cookie to keep going with a natural disaster going on around you let alone a cold.

Note: One thing that may make this whole Beta process easier on all of us (This includes you) it to have the software check for updates. When a new version is available it should notify the users, allowing them to click on an update button, when they are ready, to get the latest version. I almost missed that you had a new Beta 1.55 version available as of yesterday (16 Jan) and was still giving you info for version 1.5 This could be left in the final product, so the users can be alerted to patches and such.

Don’t worry, we know we are using Beta Software, and that you do not have a huge budget or huge programming team. We figure the arrangement is thus: You are working to bring a great program to the windows platform for our benefit and are doing everything humanly possible to make it great. We are testing the product, for the simple reason that the more people who test it with differing needs from the software, the more “bugs” will be found and corrected, resulting in a better product at release.

We don’t expect lighting fast responses to our post, and know that you will get to them in good time.

I believe we are all sorry to hear about the flooding and hope you and yours are OK. Keep up the good work!

Found a bug on the index cards. When I changed the appearance to square edges, it changed the font size down to 8. I know this was covered in a previous post but there was not an option to check re: small text on my version. I went into the Edit: Options: Corkboard and changed the text size but it won’t hold the changes.

Hope you are feeling better!!