1Password question

I have used 1Password as long as I can remember and it has always worked badly. But it seemed the best option.

Are there better options now?

Is there a way to reset 1Password so that it becomes virgin again and won’t be slowed down with data?


I have never used any password storage tool that is more complicated that a txt file on a encrypted disk (do not save the password in keychain). Not as convenient, but functional, lightweight, and reliable. Just takes some thought to find the best way to organize the passwords (I don’t use URL but “names” such as “scrivener” or “LinkedIn”).

I have been using 1Password for a few months. Well worth the money and investments. It has saved me several times.

The thing that bothers me about 1Password is the security aspect. This application provides plug-ins which essentially give the host application the rights to access any and all of your passwords. Is it really worth opening things up like that for a little convenience?

I have used 1Password as long as I can remember and it has always worked brilliantly.


An equally helpful statement.

Personally I couldn’t manage without it, I have it synced across several macs via dropbox. Its keychain is much more secure than the native Mac OSX keychain. It generates highly secure passwords that you don’t have to remember. Wish I could use it on my work PC…

Okay I am going to shoulder the blame. Esp. when 1Password have posted the following

help.agile.ws/1Password3/create_ … chain.html

on their web site.

I will try again - thanks for your resolute defense.


I love using 1Password. I can create passwords like Rdz8kafv3iQB, unique for each login, without having to remember the password, and without having to type the password in while in public. Beautiful.