Hi Beta Testers,

We are currently stumped with a memory issue with Windows. Interestingly, we can not reproduce the bug under Linux as frequently. The bottom line is we are going to need more time to fix this issue and utilize some Memory Error Detection tools to assist us. We are pretty sure the bug has to do with creating lists since we made changes to enable nested lists as well. This seems to have a side effect in the rtf writer; however, this may not be the case. As you’ll note in the screen shot below, a nested list - this took six crashes under Windows to complete, under Linux zero? I created the same list yesterday under Windows without a single crash?

So, what does that mean for you. Well, we’re in the process of compiling a full Linux beta 1.6 build which I will upload as soon as it’s done and then edit this post with a download link. This has the full code. We are hoping, given that the bug seems less temperamental under Linux, that releasing this to geeky Linux types might assist us gain some insight into identifying and reliably reproducing this bug by following exact steps they might propose?

For Windows, we are stripping out the nested list changes and the fix that prevented loosing first line indenting and formatting - as the two are tied. What this should give us is a reasonably stable Windows build which we’ll call Beta 1.56 (I know it’s getting messy).

The upside of this approach is that all platforms will get many fixes and enhancements. Probably the ones that are likely to bring the most joy are dictionary fixes to learn and remember words, unlearn words, download foreign dictionaries, and the ability to customize the main toolbar and also the formatting tool bar so you can set up Scrivener however takes your fancy. The toolbar customization functionality is not drag and drop enabled currently, but it works well and allows complete control. See screen shot below:

Windows users who have MS Word installed will also be able to take advantage of the verydoc conversion tool within Scrivener and export their work as doc, docx, html, odt, many image formats, etc. Import using the same engine needs to wired up and has been put on the shelf until we can resolve these memory bug issues.

So, this is not how I imagined this release going - Murphy’s law proved a certainty.

I will post more once the builds are uploaded.

1st Feb 2011, 10:15am +10EST







I’m giving you a standing ovation. Great work! Love your stick-to-itness :smiley:


Niiice. :slight_smile:

That’s such a great feeling when you find a nasty bug, isn’t it?

Oh wow, totally cool. Love it when things go right when you least expect it.


Well someone hasn’t been reading the draft forum rules on no caps lock :wink:

Seriously, brilliant news - thanks for your efforts. :smiley:

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken. Like when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs. :slight_smile:

Happy happy happy dance. One more errand, then I’m home and writing for the evening. Have an article due tonight.

Don’t need Scrivener for it, but it’ll be nice incentive if I make myself wait til after the article is done.

I was just carefully reading your explanation of all your problems . . . and then read the emotional one where you found the bug - bless you, I almost cried too!

But even if it turns out it’s not yet fixed - it’s still brilliant, ok.

I was just reading what you were about to do, and thinking, ’ good judgement’ , and then that it was supported by a very reasonable bag of improvements achieved and to be released.

I am going to guess from the times of posting that you saw the issue as you were perhaps already starting to comment areas out – or something else :wink:

Regardless, very good news all around, and I bet you will have a nice evening, and then sleep well tonight.

Best in it,

Normally, I’d yell at your for being a CAPSMONSTER, but I think in this situation, the capslock is justified. It made lol, in any case.

Good job!

Okay, it’s definitely fixed. Nested lists now work better than in Word in my totally biased opinion: bullets, numbered, roman numerals.

Packaging now.


Linux build is up:

Windows is coming soon.


Windows is up now:

I need to update the bug fix list and a publish as well as post about the changes, but at least the code is up for download.

1.6 requires an uninstall of the previous version.


Yay! Linux one is half the size of the windows one. Correct?

Garpu, was the expectation that Windows be as efficient in using resources as Linux and thus have a similar file size? :slight_smile:I guess windows just has a little more bling shall we say; however, the Linux build is the correct size and works well.

Up and running, Lee, and looking good, on first tests.

Did notice that the previous uninstaller didn’t remove everything from the ProgramDir/Scrivener directory, so I cautiously renamed it, and will now delete. You’ll know if that needs to be in the instructions.

What was left was:

  • Aspell
  • resources
  • rollbackBackupDirectory

A smile your general direction,

Am loving the fixes! Thanks Lee! I just want to bake you cookies or something. Lol!


WOOT, WOOT!!! You guys rock. Big high five from all of us to you :smiley:

Heh gotcha. Just wanted to make sure.

Great work Lee!