2.0.2 Small Observations

By the way,

Trial Scriv 2.0.1 , opened this morning and it told me there was a new version. Clicked to download it. It appeared to download, but…

Version remained 2.0.1. Download finished, but no install, no mounted volume, I looked for the DMG file, Not to be found!

Went to your website and downloaded from there, volume mounted following the download and I did the Install manually. Now on 2 0.2 (6862).

Currently in Cork Board mode, and hoped to view multiple index cards that are in a folder, look at Help and it talks about something called Index card stacks, which sounds ideal, but, the View menu doesn’t have the option “Open as Index Card Stack in”. Although the Help file says the View Menu does.

I might well be doing something wrong.

(Tried the multiple selection as advised on this forum and all is fine.)

Small observation - perhaps Help file is wrong/out of date? (also PDF isn’t a menu item under View, but under View>Media.


Vickie, it’s worth working through the Interactive Tutorial under the Help menu (if you haven’t). It takes little more than an hour, and clears up a great many potential questions.


I second that. I ran into some questions with the Collections feature and found my answer in the interactive tutorial.


It is true though that the “Help” menu can get you to the old help menu for 1.54, which is a bit confusing. Vickie, try going to Help>Scrivener Manual and then searching for your terms in the PDF that comes up, rather than using the search box directly under the Help menu; that will ensure you’re finding version-appropriate information. And also, yes, give the tutorial a whirl; it’s excellent to give you a feel for the program and let you learn by doing. You can always take a break in the middle if you don’t have an hour to sit and play at the computer. :slight_smile:

In answer to your question about viewing cards, either select the folder in the binder (to see all its subdocuments) or use cmd-click to select the individual documents you want to view, then toggle on the corkboard mode with the button in the pill box in the toolbar:


Presumably only if you still have 1.x installed - Scrivener 1.x’s help file doesn’t exist in 2.0 at all.


Augh, yes, I evidently deleted some sentences. :confused: Sorry. I had meant to say that given the description of the install (downloading separately, etc.) and that she was finding old stuff in the Help, it sounded like Vickie had both installed still, in which case you can get the old help via the the 2.0 menu.

So what I really should have said there was that if you don’t need both versions installed, Vickie, you can trash your 1.54 version. And if you do need both, you’ll probably want to move one version to a different location so that you don’t get system confusion using services and assigning keyboard shortcuts (which will work with whichever version is directly under the Applications folder).

I’ve added a note to the bullet list of things to watch for when running both versions, to the PDF. Which, now that I think about it, strikes me as the kind of scenario Vonnegut would have dreamed up to make fun of documentation in general.