2.0 Adding text columns in outliner

Keith mentioned in the September 13 blog post, that the new outline would have the ability to add custom text columns. Is that feature disabled in the NANO version? If not where is the command to add column? Thanks

“c. Outliner Improvements
The outliner has also undergone a bit of an overhaul. The two main additions are the ability to sort and the ability to add custom text columns:”

Screen shot 2010-10-26 at Tue, 26 Oct, 10.15 AM.png

Project > Meta-Data Settings… > Custom Meta-Data.


Thanks, great.

Once you have custom-meta data set up, you can access it in the Inspector by flipping the mode in the general meta-data section where label/status/etc sit. Cmd-7 will toggle modes as well.

Thanks Ioa. Keith outstanding upgrade. Worth much more than you are charging.