2.0 Can't resize the window Vertically

I am running 2.0 on Windows 7 and tried to resize the window vertically and make it shorter, but it did not work. I was unable to get to the bottom of the window because when I raised it up Windows automatically makes it full size. I restarted the program and the problem persisted. I was, however, able to resize horizontally.


I’ve been getting this from the very first beta… a number of people have mentioned this in various different phrasings.
I have been wondering if it is a bug or not, seeing as it has persisted so long - is it just an operational feature of some sort? very annoying if it is!
It is connected to the Inspector somehow… when the inspector is turned off, I can resize the window and drag it up to see the bottom of the window, where word count etc is. When I click the inspector on again, the bottom of the window shoots off behind the windows start bar, and the scrivener window refuses to respond to my efforts to resize it by dragging the topmost edge.
The window appears to be automatically resizing to the screen size [i can just about make out the word count, and ‘new’ buttons in th ebottom left corner, just peeping out from the start bar, when i drag the window as far up as it will go] rather than the available screen real-estate.