2.0: comments on PDFs?

My criticism is so premature, I feel terrible, because the 2.0 version is really amazing. I have been using Scrivener 1.x for over 3 years as my primary research/drafting tool; in fact, it was my first purchase for my first mac after I switched over from hateful Windows. The 2.0 version is just a dream; I love the layout, I love the Binder/Collections, I now have a use for index cards and the outliner. I am just exploring the new features, but everything seems so well thought out and executed as a writing tool, it’s hard to believe people can write with anything else. Scrivener seems to manage my work as much as I do.

But, this is a Feedback forum, so I’d like to know why I can’t make comments on PDF files? I can highlight text in them in Scrivener, copy that text and paste it where I’d like, but I can’t highlight it and make a comment on the highlights I make. I would love to integrate my reading of PDFs with my notes in this way.

Thanks for your hard work…can’t wait to send you my money!!! Richard

Because Scrivener isn’t a PDF editing tool and won’t ever be. Use the “Open in External Editor” tool - there’s even a button for this in the footer bar now - edit it in your preferred PDF editor (the button in the footer even allows you to choose which PDF program to open it in), save, then click on the “Refresh” button in Scrivener’s footer to see your changes.

Hope that helps.

All the best,