2.0 External Folder Sync

So I’m not doing NaNoWriMo, but I couldn’t resist downloading the preview to try before the final official release next week…

So I pulled up a project that I’ve been working on for far too long, and set up an external folder sync into my DropBox / Plaintext / ProjectName folder with TXT files for use with (no prizes) PlainText on my iPad. All 59 files dropped in happily. So far so good.

Next, I decided (as I haven’t touched the project since 2009) to update some of the copyright references to 2010 from 2009. This affected portions of three files. I also played with the commenting feature (which looks really useful).

Then I thought, must be bedtime, so synchronised again. The sync hung at file 3 of 59. (See picture).

Finder by cybergoths, on Flickr

Wondering why? Is it because my original files have formatting (bold and italics), tables and comments? It occurs to me that these could well be stripped out on returning, but doesn’t explain the hang.

I haven’t fired up PlainText to sync yet.

Killed Scrivener with Force Quit, then reopened. Got a warning and rebuilt search indexes. Repeated and same issue.

Q. What am I doing wrong? Am I synchronising something too complex?

Thanks! So far 2.0 looks excellent!

[update] Just discovered that ESC kills the sync too, doh!


Looks like a bug. Try opening up the Console (~/Applications/Utilities/Console.app) and see what gets reported there - my guess is that Scrivener is silently throwing an error.

The next part will involve trying to work out which file is causing the hang. If you could set up a test project and try syncing the same files in batches of ten, then narrow it down further, until you find the problematic file, and then send me the file for testing, that would be great. It would be nice to fix this before release.


Hi Keith,

There are a whole bunch of errors reported (some of which may relate to legacy stuff as this MacBook is updated from my old PowerBook 12"). I’ll send you the details. Will start to play around with the files tomorrow for you.



Thanks Dom, much appreciated.
All the best,

I’ve sent Keith the error reports from the console, but this is how the problem resolved itself.

I deleted the files in my draft sequentially into the internal Scrivener trash. After each, I attempted to synchronise again. Each hung again, until the second file had been deleted. The sync then worked.

I restored the files from the trash to the same place in my draft, and the synchronisation worked fine. Not sure why, or how, but that’s how I got out of it.

Strange! I have your e-mail sitting in my inbox awaiting attention - sorry for not getting back to you yet, there’s just a lot to get through at the moment. I’m trying to get all the templates and other things that need doing out of the way before I turn my attention to bug-fixes, which are going to be continual for the next few weeks.
Thanks again!
All the best,

Hi Keith,

No problem at all! I guessed you might be busy, now you’ve loosed Scrivener 2.0 to the world (and the forums back this up)!

I haven’t used sync at all yet from something serious (and need to work out how I will use it as I usually use the bold and italics options in the text when I’m working which PlainText doesn’t support) so it caused me no issues.

I just thought it was worth sharing how I cleared the problem in case someone else had it. I’ll leave the .scriv where I sent you the link until you say you don’t need it.

Regards, and looking forward to being able to buy my upgrade next week!