2.0 install & restart problems

Been using Scivener since March. I tried the getting 2.0 after firing up Scivener today: Install & Restart. Nada. Nuthin. I went to the Install at Site url https://store6.esellerate.net/store/checkout/CustomLayout.aspx?s=STR4913460776&pc=&page=enteremail.htm, it dissed all (ALL) of my email addresses.

What now, fellas?

I see that on the web page you give, it says

“If your e-mail address has changed or is not recognised, please contact sales@literatureandlatte.com.”

So I guess that is the best thing to try. It’s a bank holiday in the UK, so they will no doubt be off work today. But I’m sure they will answer your email as soon as they see it.

Best wishes,

Also, as suavito said in the other thread on this, you should be able to download and install the 2.0 trial even while you’re waiting for the email for the upgrade price to be sorted out. If you go to the main L&L page and select “Download Scrivener” from the top right, you can download the .dmg for the newer version and install that to get a 30 day trial. You can have both 2.0 and 1.54 installed at the same time if you like; the best maneuver is probably to move 1.54 to a folder called “Older Scrivener” or whatever you like, just to keep there from being two Scrivener packages in the Applications folder and potentially confusing the system that way. If you have services installed or custom keyboard shortcuts assigned, you’ll need to update these for 2.0.

What exactly is happening? Is the program not starting at all (in which case try re-downloading)? Is the upgrade page not recognising your e-mail as valid for the update price? Or something else?


When the Install & Restart progression bar fills up poof! Scrivener crashes & closes.


That’s what I’ve just done. We’ll see what they say.

Thanx, fellas.

Have you tried just downloading 2.0.2 from the main project page? If not, try that:


It may be a download error, although it’s odd that it’s happening every time - if you posted your crash report here that would help too (although try the above first).