2.0 outline printing

Does opening a previous-version project in 2.0 self-generate synopses?

Is there anyway to print an outline view, without printing the synopses? (Even with “show synopses” turned off it still prints synopses.)

I want to print just a list of file names, without synopses, and without the numbering and the text “untitled project” inserted into the title as is done through Compile: Enumerated Outline.

I guess the simplest way is to highlight all the files in the outline, copy, and paste into text editor to print. Any other thoughts?


Turning off printing synopses works. File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Options… > Outlines > Include Synopses.

Turning off printing synopses works. File > Page Setup > Settings > Scrivener > Options… > Outlines > Include Synopses.

Great feature, though it still inserts “Untitled” for blank file names. I use blank space (untitled files) in the Binder to help separate small groups of files for any number of reasons, makes it a lot easier to see my thinking (or confusion). No bother, copying to an outside text editor is not a big deal, although this doesn’t get subfiles nested. Alternately, I suppose, I could use a space for blank title names.

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Kevin is it possible in an update to separate include Label and Status in the dialogue window below to separate check boxes. Sometimes all you want is a top level outline with labels to see the who doc quickly. And since they are user definable they will be used differently by users. And may not both be needed in all printing. Thanks.

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As for the question, maybe in the future, although the outline printing is really just intended for a quick overview and not for full-on formatted outlines. For a really neatly-formatted outline it might be better to use a Compile draft setting (such as the enumerated outline format provided, slightly customised), with some tags such as <$label> in the title prefix settings so that it only includes the meta-data you want included.

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The problem is the outline I am printing from is a binder folder, not the manuscript. It is the pre-draft outline of a trilogy, a large folder of cards, therefore I only want the title and Label (to color code the storyline titles), the status only adds and unnecessary extra line to each that is not needed.

If you could separate them it would be helpful. Thanks.

As I say, no plans at the moment. But is the folder inside the manuscript folder or elsewhere?
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