2.0 scriptwriting mode shortcuts non-responsive?

Is it just me, or are the new shortcuts to different elements in Scriptwriting mode in 2.0 at times non-responsive? I have a long synopsis that I’m currently going through and converting into a screenplay, but at times when I mark a certain piece of the text and hit one of the new shortcuts (option+command+1 to 8), nothing happens. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, so often I have to click my way deep into the format menu to convert the text into the element I want. From within the menu it always works.

Hmm. Could it be that they don’t work until you visit the menu, and then after that they do? That might be caused by the way I’m creating those menu items dynamically (keyboard shortcuts rely on the menu items being there, and they not be built until you’ve been to the menu). Let me look into it, but let me know if this is the case.

Yes, that seems to be exactly it. If I bring another application that is hidden to the front and hide it again, then the shortcuts don’t work until I go into the menu and select an element. Once I do that they all work. I was jumping a lot between applications before, so that’s probably why it seemed so random.

Great, thanks. I’ve added it to my list to fix for 2.0.1. I’m sure I found a fix for certain menus, so I may just not have placed this menu in the part of the code that addresses this issue (I know that made no sense, sorry). So for now use the workaround of going to the menu if it’s not working, and I will fix this soon.
Thanks for bringing it to my attention,

Okay. Thanks a lot!