2.0 Selecting some index cards to apply a label

When I try to select several index cards to give them a specific label (for instance - characters) it no longer applies the label to all of them. It only gives it to one.

This feature was fine up to 1.9

I’ve attached a screengrab for clarification

Are you trying to apply the labels via right click or the gear menu? Right clicking only puts a label/status on an individual file. The gear menu is the one you need to use to apply on multiple documents or cards.

Other way around, actually, unless I am completely misunderstanding you. Using the drop-down menu in the Inspector will only work for an individual item (whichever one’s information is displayed in the inspector), but the right-click context menu will allow you to set the status or label for multiple selected items. This works in the outliner, corkboard, and binder.

MM I wasn’t talking about the inspector! I was talking about right clicking with the mouse after selecting the index cards.

Erp. Allow that I haven’t had caffeine yet this morning (which is sad, it’s not exactly early anymore…) and forgive me, please. You were talking about the gear menu in the footer of the binder, yes? I never use that and completely forgot its existence. Whoops. So yes, using that works, and I apologize for misrepresenting you.

However, it is also true (or should be true) that you can select multiple documents and just right click to get the context menu and apply the status or label that way to all the selected documents. This definitely works for me in the 2.0 beta.

And likewise, using the menu in the inspector will only affect the one document.

Yes it was the gear menu in the footer of the editor.

Yay. I’m going to go have a cup of very black tea. :wink:

Hi Stacey
Yes. I was right clicking.
Sorry, but I don’t know what a “gear” menu is I looked at the Scrivener video for windows, but saw or heard no reference to that.

would it be possible for you to describe it a little further, or do a screengrab?

thank you for your trouble

Hi Stacey
I found it. Too many hours on the computer, I think. The icon is pretty obvious.
My bad

Glad you got sorted!