2.0 spell check

The misspelled words get the red dotted line under them, fine; but at least on my system, a Right Click does not bring up the submenu. Control + Left Click brings it up fine. However, what happened to the LOOK UP IN DICTIONARY command? I use this command all the time across lots of Mac applications. Having it under writing tools (in the submenu) is a whole lot less convenient.

That’s how it’s done in Pages too. Can’t have everything in one long list. As for ctrl-click, right-click, I can’t reproduce this and this is handled at the system level so unlikely to be a Scrivener bug.

It’s true that you can’t have everything in one long list, but there’s also something to be said for consistency, consistency with with Scrivener 1.5x, and consistency with most other Mac apps.

I don’t suppose there would ever be an option to have “Favorite” commands at the top of the right-click menu?

No. As for consistency, here’s Pages’ ctrl-click menu: