2.0 won't run on Asus EEE netbook

I had version 1.9 beta running on my HP ProBook 4520s on Windows 7 Professional and also on my Asus EEE 1005HA-P running Windows 7 Home. My installation process (which relates to my bug report) was to download the installation .exe on my HP laptop then copy the installation file to my flash drive and onto my Asus and install there too.
Version 1.9 worked fine on both systems.
With the new beta version, 2.0, I followed the same process, downloading the .exe installation file. I installed it to my HP laptop and it worked fine.
I copied the .exe onto my flash drive, copied it to my Asus’s hard drive and installed beta 2.0. Asked to view the readme and run the program once the installation was complete I opted to do both. The program offered a warning message that the licence would expire on 25 March and then opened the readme. Once again I could not click the OK button at the bottom of the readme so I clicked the red cross in the upper right hand corner to close the pane. Then nothing happened.
If I click the shortcut on my desktop the application offers the warning message that the licence will expire on March 25 but then, once again, nothing happens. The program does not run at all on the Asus.
I have uninstalled both betas, 1.9 and 2.0, and reinstalled only 2.0 but with the same result.
I have tried keeping the Task Manager running while activating the desktop shortcut. It shows that the application opens but after clicking the OK button in the licence expiry warning pane the application disappears from the Task Manager list of applications.

I managed to fix the problem and 2.1 is now running on the Asus EEE.
I uninstalled Scrivener using the uninstaller.
I manually removed leftover references from the Start/Programs menu. (It had references to all three versions I have used: 1.9, 2.0, and 2.1)
I manually removed references in the Uninstall Programs list in the Control Panel
I restarted the machine
I used regedit to manually search for “scrivener” references in the registry
I manually deleted all “scrivener” references not associated with stability issues or error reports (there were about five)
I restarted the machine
I installed Scrivener 2.1
It workes fine now.