2.1 Update empty icon

I installed Lion yesterday and tried to update Scrivener to 2.1 this morning. Everything seemed to go OK but when I believe is Scrivener 2.1 has no icon, and says it is not registered. When I clicked on “enter license” it came up with my name and license but wouldn’t let me register. Consequently I went through all the various steps Keith recommended trying, starting with permissions and then all the eSellerate stuff. No luck, except . . .

I now have what the dock calls Scrivener (2.05), but when I “get info” it tells me it is 2.1.

Launchpad shows two Scriveners, one with the regular icon, one with the blank sheet of paper with the pen/pencil/ruler making an A. Clicking on the latter brings it to the dock and I get the “eSellerate install failed with error: -2003” all over again. It again tells me it is unregistered and begins the whole process all over ahead.

For what it is worth, I just created a project successfully with 2.05 and while it appears to save properly, the icon is still just a piece of paper, same as my other projects now have. Any thoughts?