2.2 beta .deb?

Is anyone working on a .deb package for 2.2 beta? Thank you in advance! I should really learn how to do this for myself.

I agree. I would really really love a deb file.

I cannot get 2.2 as it is to work at all.

That would actually be really nice to have an easier way of installing each new version of Scrievener instead of having the build it and what not.
I’m all for a .deb :smiley:


You don’t want a 2.2 .deb because 2.3 is out.

It’s very easy to install in Linux without a .deb. Because I’ve installed it manually before, all I need to do each time is copy the new LiteratureAndLatte folder to the same location. Then it just works.

I don’t like the .deb because it installs to a different location than I would prefer.

I don’t like the .deb because it installs to a different location than I would prefer.


Anyway, there are some of us who might like a deb file, if that is at all possible.

So what? I was giving my opinion, that’s what.

The point was to convey how easy it is to install without a .deb.
Want others to make a nice .deb for you? Fine. Wait.

Is the source obtainable? I’d give it a go. It’s been a long time since I made a package but there’s lots of help online :slight_smile:

Source for 2.3 beta:

Thank you in advance!

The point was to convey how easy it is to install without a .deb.

Well, perhaps I misunderstood, as I often do. If you would be willing to put up easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, for pumpkinheads like me who cannot figure out what to do after downloading the file, I am sure that there are many of us who would be eternally grateful. I tried what was in the wiki recommended at the head of this forum, and my computer responded with a bunch of what looks like Klingon.

Thank you in advance.

That’s a link to the binary. I’ll see if I can find a way to make a package from that, but prior to this I’ve only done it from source.

edit: found a reference. working :slight_smile:

new edit: I’ve made a package. Not sure why it’s not installing. It says it does, but it’s actually failing without errors.

last edit: okay, think it’s A-OK. I’m going to run a VM and install it in that to make sure it will run on someone else’s system.

Just FYI, if you want people to help, snarking at them in a foreign language isn’t going to help. It’s a pretty international board, and someone is going to know what you’re saying.

だからなに is ‘so what’. Pronounced ‘dakara nani’. Why didn’t you use the Kanji? Are you learning Japanese too?

No, I am not really learning Japanese. I live here, so I am somewhat forced to use it. I didn’t use Kanji because that would be a bit strange for the context.

I said it because I cannot get Scrivener to work, no matter what I try, and I really wanted some step by step instructions since the ones on the wiki don’t seem to work, and telling a frustrated person it is easy is :cry: