2.5 right click in binder?

I see you have added a right click in binder on the icon to change the icon – as someone who uses the right click on icon function ALL OF THE TIME - it’s quite annoying to have that icon menu come up. Yea i know scroll to right and it is different but i was so used to clicking the icon – which is like normal for most UI’s.

if there is any way you can think about changing it back it would be appreciated.

Changing icon via the menu is really not a big deal -=- how about if you hold the option key and click the icon you get the icon menu?



While right-clicking directly on the icon will give you a menu to change it, if you right-click anywhere else on the line you should find the standard contextual menu appears. You shouldn’t need to scroll anywhere to do that. I’m just referring to right-clicking on the text, or anywhere to the right of the icon really, even the blank area is fine. There are only 16 pixels you have to avoid if you don’t like this menu.

yea i know but when you’ve been clicking the icon for eons writing a book and suddenly someone says you can no longer do that – it’s quite annoying i must click the icon 50x a writing session looking for the drop down –

like seriously – changing the icon quickly is that important?


I’m afraid I am in agreement on this.

The icon is the natural target for the eye and hence the natural target for action – that is in fact the reason for the icon’s existence – so it is the natural place to click, and this is reinforced in all of us since the beginning by the use of icons in the Finder.

I guess I am also sympathetic to the thought that the icon menu is frivolous – noodly stuff – and so does not rate the elevated position this update has given it. I think a good case could be made for this being a case where we’ve put a little fluff before function. Or so my monkey mind tells me every time I accidentally get that icon menu.

The contextual menu in the Binder is a frequent action for me. But I have not yet made any headway on developing the icon avoidance now needed. So, I too have been wishing I could just switch the new contextual icon menu off or something. And, I confess, it is not in the end that I don’t think I can train myself to avoid it – I suppose I can – it is that natural resistance you feel when you are having to do something you don’t think you should have to.

Just one other user’s experience.

Peacemaker: control-option click for the icon menu?


I disagree, but will monitor the situation.

To provide a bit of a counter-experience to this. For myself I hardly ever use the right-click menu in the Binder. Occasionally I will bulk apply meta-data that way, but usually I’m doing that in the corkboard or outliner. For the rest of the functions in that menu, it is just my habit to access them from wherever else they are available.

On the other hand I use custom icons a lot, and not for “frivolous” things. I suppose it could be used for just making things look pretty, but I use them for important status information, almost like a second label really. Without a direct method of application like the current right-click icon, changing the icon requires sub-menus which makes changing them a little more awkward than it should be for something like a second label.

I’ll admit that sometimes I do use the contextual menu, and that I have on occasion accidentally clicked on the icon instead, pulling up the wrong menu, but it’s a thing I’ve learned to quickly adjust around. That’s just my experience anyway—I’ve been using it for quite a while now with it being in the beta builds and in-house builds before that.

For me there is touch of personal irony in this, because what I am always digging into the regular contextual menu for is the Label menu!


Thank you for this thread. I was totally flummoxed when I first encountered the new right-click on the icon alone. Now that I understand the ability to click on the icon or the area with the title, it makes perfect sense. Very nice.

To add another anecdatapoint, after upgrading to 2.5 I right-clicked the icon once, found that it now had the change icon menu, and learned it, then clicked on the title to get what I wanted.

It would perhaps get complicated to do this, but perhaps the ideal peacemaker solution would be to have a user preference item for this behaviour, in the general tub under binder:

Having it checked produces the current 2.5 behaviour, having it unchecked reverts to previous behaviour. Also note that the change icon menu is still in the right-click menu for binder document titles.

Yes, I agree too. It can be a bit annoying at times.