[2.8] Opening the Typography panel results in an exception

Hi everyone,

when trying to accces the typography panel (⌘ + T, “Cog” button top left), crivener throws an exception. No hard crash but typography features are not available.

Observed with Scrivener 28 (26295) and macOS Sierra (10.12.1).

Thanks for the report; I can reproduce that one easily.

Unfortunately it looks like that one cannot be easily solved. As you might expect, we have very little to do with the details of this panel. The Font panel itself is a stock Apple tool, and the typography panel that comes off of it likewise. I’ve tested using a newer internal build running on the more modern frameworks, and there is no crash there, so it looks like this won’t be a permanent problem. Meanwhile keep up with OS updates, there is always a chance Apple might fix it.