2.8 Update wiped my License

As a beta tester for Scrivener for iPad I have been using the Beta version of the Mac OSX supplied.

As an immediate convert I started using the iPad for a lot of work.

Today I `upgraded’ the Mac version to 2.8 (from within Scrivener) and after it had installed it told me I was now using the trial version and had to register!

I used the eSellerate system to find my old license (from almost to the day 6 years ago), serial name and serial number, but when I enter them I get an ‘invalid serial umber or name’ error message.

What am I doing wrong?

Update: Oooops! I decided to close and re-open Scrivener and it has now locked me out and told me my trial has expired! (Of course it has, I started it six years ago). So I cannot work this afternoon. Can someone let me know soon how to get Scrivener back please?

Many thanks.

No special knowledge here, Dr D, but I’d re-download the software, re-enter your details and carry out the checks listed on this page. If that fails, I’d contact sales@literatureandlatte.com.

(P.S. I’m puzzled: I went through procedures similar to those you did - i.e. Scrivener 2.7 user > beta tester > 2.8 installed - had not kept my old copy of 2.7 but had over-written it, and thus had a small expectation that my copy of Scrivener might suffer a similar fate, but it did not.)

I too was a beta-tester, upgraded all down the line—mind you I always upgrade by downloading the new version from Lit&Lat, and I keep a copy of the download on an external disk so I can upgrade all 3 Macs without having to re-download—and have never had a problem.

Alongside Scrivener and NWP, my most important app is 1Password, which I have on all my devices; as well as logins, it also has a record of virtually all my licence codes. That way, I always have them accessible. When I’ve had to do a clean OS reinstall, 1Password is the first app that goes on the new system.


Yes, I agree with Mark about 1Password. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially as log-ins and passwords proliferate.

Another vote for 1Password. Having important stuff encrypted and safe, accessible on all machines, is priceless.

Thanks Hugh - solved now: a combination of user and (I think) eSellerate error. It seems I bought Scrivener twice (I think 2 was a paid upgrade) but at first the eSellerate Order History was only giving me the details for the older purchase. When I went through the process a second time it sent a different e-mail with both sets of details. When I entered the later, it all came back.

Thanks everyone for your time - and I shall definitely investigate 1-Password.