Beta Quick Reference Screen Won't Stay Up

So, when I pull the Quick Reference screen up, then I start to type in another pane the QR screen goes away. Which kind of defeats the purpose. :question:

could you expand on that? As I tried to replicate it, I found that

  • if my quick reference was on another monitor, it did not go away.
  • If my Quick reference shared a monitor with my editor/binder, then if I didn’t have enough room it got partially or even fully hidden.

So, for me it can get covered, if I put something over it, but it doesn’t go away.

So, I can’t figure out what I’d need to do to make it “go away”.

Perhaps you are expecting it to remain on top of another window that takes focus, or perhaps you are using an outline mode or scrivener mode or composition mode or something else to get this problem.

Have you checked the “Keep Quick Reference Panels on Top” checkbox in the Window menu?

Thanks Tom. That’s very cool. Didn’t know it was there.