"Check For Updates..."

Is the “Check For Updates…” option supposed to work? I tried using it in version thinking it would save me having to return the forum to grab the latest version (but did not work).


More than likely not, as the beta download page specifies that previous betas should be uninstalled before installing the latest.

Hi guys! Beta versions will not trigger an automatic Scrivener update. As the update mechanism is one and the same for all Scrivener versions, we do not want any official version to get automatically updated to any beta version. Because of this any Beta version must be manually downloaded and installed by the user who wants to try it at the moment, We might add a user option to update to Beta versions too, but it is not available at the moment,

I didn’t feel like my question warrants its own thread, and this is semi-related, so I’ll ask it here. Is there a reason the beta is running through the end of May, rather than the end of April? The previous betas all expired after a month, if I’m not mistaken.

There is no particular reason. We typically aim for a one month update period, but some bigger tasks might allocate more time then expected. We do plan on releasing an update monthly, but this will give us enough spare time in case something goes south.