Crash (freeze) on launch while loading session targets (black box splash)

I’ve had a few freezes that intermittently appear while I try to load the RC5 version of the app. It goes through the start up processes and checks and ends up with a black box splash that says something about resetting session targets. And there it just ends up totally frozen, not doing absolutely anything, so I guess that it hits on some kind of a snag there.

It isn’t a permanent app killing thing, I end up eventually getting Scrivener up and running again, but for some reason, since today it ends up stopping there and can’t move forward and won’t start the app itself.

Haven’t noticed this on my other computer that I use parallell to this computer, and the other times I’ve opened the app, it has worked just fine, even on this RC version. This started today, and I’ve had this version of Scrivener installed since just a day or so after release.

This is a clean install, but I think I do have the earlier RC version still installed in another directory, as I was a day or so late to the party with the in app upgrade and haven’t bothered with removing the old version yet. But since everything shortcuts and all of that stuff is upgraded and this version is installed into its own directory and all of that stuff, it shouldn’t effect this version when launching it. Or would it?

That’s what I’m trying to figure out right now. And I’m also wondering if anyone else has encountered launch issues with this RC.

There was a discussion of session targets in an earlier thread: [url=https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/beta-43-session-count-timeout/49282/1]. I’m not sure if it’s relevant to your issue.

Mm… I saw that one. But it pretty much just discusses the existence of that black box that notes the state of the counter there.

My problem is that Scrivener just totally freezes during that splash and never launches into the program itself.

Which is kind of a problem. I need to have Scrivener start, fully, for obvious reasons. And something in that process screws the remaining processes of the app launch up completely. So that’s why I see this as basically a pretty nasty bug that might need to be looked at.

Did you have any recent changes to your system – new/updated helper programs, anti-virus updates, new patches, etc. – that coincide with this behavior?

If you boot into safe mode, does Scrivener still freeze during launch?

I had to think about that one for a while, to try to make sure. But no, there were no installed major updates or such that I’m aware of. Except perhaps the drivers I use for the mouse, basically. But that would be about it during that time. The only thing I did was open an existing document in 2995 instead of previous RC release. I think, because I was ill (as so many these days), I had to make a fresh install in separate (new) folder of Scrivener, since work had had to be put down for a while as I worked on feeling better again and missed one or two updates. During that time, the new splash was introduced. And I am fine with that splash. It has got a point in being there. I just hope that Scrivener won’t have to get snagged up and unable to open the app and the document in the future because of something being slightly strange with that function and how it is coded (or whatever went wrong).