2 Bugs 1 huge (literally)

Hi, I just updated to 1.8.6 for Windows and boy it just was a no go right off the bat!

First, I noticed I couldn’t change the zoom, but I was willing to live with that, until I saw some bits of the text were HUGE and laid over top of the rest of the text like in the image I’m uploading.


Oh, I forgot - THREE bugs - it said the project was open elsewhere, but every other computer my dropbox was linked to was already shut down.

This is a display bug that sometimes occurs in Scrivenings mode, usually seen in particularly lengthy sessions (either many shorter documents loaded together or several long ones) and at higher zoom levels. Switching to a single document will allow you to correct the zoom, which should then be properly used when returning to a Scrivenings session. Working with fewer documents in the session–for instance, just the specific chapter or the set of scenes you’re working on–should also reduce the occurrence of the bug.

The message stating that the project may be already open indicates that the project did not close properly last time it was used, so the lock file that Scrivener creates in the project when it opens was not deleted. Sync problems can cause this as well, by not properly removing the file from the synced computers. So long as you know that the project isn’t open elsewhere, it’s safe to ignore and open the project as usual. This is just to help prevent cases where users do accidentally leave a project open on one machine and then try to access it from elsewhere, which could corrupt the project. (Note though, that it’s important that the Dropbox sync finishes before the computer is shut down–otherwise, your other machine won’t be fully up to date with the changes from the first computer, and when the first computer is restarted and Dropbox starts syncing again, the remaining files will conflict with the edited versions from the second computer.)


You were right going to a specific chapter got rid of the big print issue. I still can’t adjust zoom levels thought.

If you select just a single document in the editor (not a container) so that the editor is no longer in Scrivenings mode, can you adjust the zoom from the footer menu button then?

Ah, I can zoom anyway I want if I select a single document.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m using my Windows copy of Scrivener more than I have in the past. This whole little “must only have the current scene selected” thing is throwing me - I never have less than a chapter selected on my Mac so that I can read the context, or quickly scroll up to an earlier point in the novel to double-check to make sure I don’t change details (trying to avoid those embarrassing small continuity errors you see in movies quite a bit - like a guy wearing a black tie in a scene, and when they were in a different take and using a different camera angle, he’s wearing a blue tie).

Guess I’ll have to just put up with that when working in the Windows version for a while. Thanks for the workaround though!

Yes, Scrivenings on Mac works a bit differently under the hood, with a more integrated session. On Windows currently, Scrivenings is really a bunch of separate editors stacked on top of each other, if you will, which can lead to some display glitches like the zoom problem here. We’re working on overhauling Scrivenings for the next major version, so it should be more seamless in the future.

For now, once you’ve set the zoom in the single document view, it should stick all right for switching back to the Scrivenings view. If you’ve selected a folder to view its subdocuments together, you should be able to just toggle Scrivenings off (so you’re viewing just the folder’s text), change the zoom, then switch back to Scrivenings mode.