2 Comments and 1 wish regarding Footnotes

First, I love this software. Thanks to all who put in the hard work to make it, and to those still putting in the hard work to improve it.

Second, my apologies for not having looked through the 25 pages of comments thoroughly. I hope these are not redundant–though they may be.

I’m not quite sure if these classify as bugs, but perhaps they do. Please do not take anything written below as in any way disparaging of the software, which I love. All are meant as possible suggestions for improvement.

First, when in the full screen mode it appears to be impossible to turn a selected bit of text into a footnote. The simple keystrokes (alt > r > f) do not work and I can find no buttons on the bottom panel. While using the software I find myself avoiding the full screen mode because I have to switch out of it so often.

Second–an observeration, The edge of the oval that designates a text as within or outside of a footnote is not always clear. I have accidentally placed periods inside of footnotes that were intended to go outside of them on several occasions.

Third–a wish. It is slightly cumbersome to have to write out the text of a note, highlight it, and then identify it as a footnote. It would be a nice feature to be able to click a button and have the text written afterward identified as a footnote and then to unclick the button to return to normal typing.

Hi mroess,

I don’t know what the timeline is, but I believe actual shortcut keys for annotations and footnotes will get added–probably sooner rather than later–and then be available in full screen as well as the regular editor.

For the third wish, you can already do that now–toggle the annotation or footnote formatting on or off before you begin writing–and you can add a button to the format bar to make it easier while there’s no shortcut key. Go to Edit>Edit Toolbars and then in the section on the left under the Format Bar you’ll see a footnote and an annotation button, which you can add to your list.

At the moment though there seems to be a bug whereby toggling the footnote formatting off at the end of your text jumps the cursor back to in front of the note (so continued typing would be before instead of after the footnote), and moving the cursor to the end of the note picks up the formatting again so it’s still in the footnote. To work around this you can type a little extra at the end and then select it before you toggle off the footnote formatting, although I suppose if you’re doing that anyway you might find it just as easy to type the entire note and select it and switch it to a footnote. :neutral_face: But this may get addressed in the next update, which will be out soon.

Hi MimeticMouton,

Thanks so much for the info. Looks like you found the actual bug. I’m new to the software, but I’m loving it for my dissertation. I look forward to further updates.


Thanks for your comments, we will look at these suggestions and issues. Oh, if there was only another 8 hours in a day currently. :smiley: