JUst tinkering and exploring scrivener tonight and found following 2 possible bugs…

  1. full screen mode : inspector pane

view menu > layout > hide inspector : bug: it shows ‘hide inspector’ for both show/hide options when in full screen mode.
Unlike for inspector pane in GUI mode where that menu item alternates between indicating : show/hide inspector

  1. Regarding the logic of binder icons changing to reflect if they have synopsis or text associated with them. I find that if i add but and then remove text so the synopsis or text doc reverts to having no text at all in it, that the binder icon does not revert to reflect that empty content status. It remains, showing that text exists.
    I notice that binder icons do revert for snapshot associations, with the bent corner appearing and disappearing depending on if any associated snapshot has finally been deleted.


Are you absolutely certain you’ve deleted all of the text? A stray carriage return or space will trigger the “has text” state. To make sure, press Cmd-A and then Delete. When I do this, the icon instantly reverts to whatever is appropriate.

Inspector menu item always showing Hide: I’d say that’s a good catch. However, are you aware that you can toggle this much easier using the HUD? Just drop the mouse down to the bottom of the screen and click the Inspector button. That’s a lot easier, for me anyway, than using the menu.

Yes, definitely a good catch on the “Hide Inspector” thing - thanks for bringing that to my attention! I’ve added it to the list.

I can’t reproduce the other, tough - that’s something I’ve tested a lot.

All the best,

Yes, definitely a good catch
I can’t reproduce the other, tough - that’s something I’ve tested a lot.

glad re the hide inspector thing…no i wasnt aware i could access the inspector via the footer bar in full screen - (late nights) however still found the hidden ghost in the machine…

Just to point out re the binder icons reverting: keith & amberv - you are saying different things here.
Amber - you seem to be right - performing ‘com-a delete’ does revert the icon - keith - you didnt play around hard enough !



No, we’re not saying different things at all. You said that deleting all the text from a document doesn’t change the icon. I said I can’t reproduce this - I can’t. Ioa said that you probably weren’t deleting all the text from a document, and that you most likely had some space or return characters still in the document. If cmd-A delete worked for you, then that was the case. In which case, the icons are perfectly correct - you just had some text left in your document - so of course I couldn’t reproduce it, as there is no bug. :slight_smile:

All the best,

oh i see -
you mean you couldn’t reproduce with accuracy the level of my own incompetence - however it read like you were saying you couldn’t reproduce the revert icon action !

problem solved !


I didn’t say I wasn’t incompetent; I’d never claim that. :slight_smile: