2 extra blank lines exported by compile

I just exported a long paper and found that repetitively 2 extra blank lines were added between documents in the binder. (The invisible ¶ were always centered).

For Separators in the Compile options I had everything set to Single Return.

How can I eliminate these lines?

Check your documents in the binder. It sounds as though you have a blank line after the text in the actual documents.

I don’t have any blank lines. I was careful about this and just checked again. If I put the cursor at the end of a document 1) the down arrow stays in place; 2) there is no ¶ visible when invisible are turned on.

In Separators everything is set to Single Return

Do you happen to have a title prefix or suffix that’s just an empty line? That would compile even if you’re not compiling titles and could give this effect. In the formatting area of compile, select the appropriate document type/level row and then click Title Options and make sure the prefix and suffix are blank.

What format are you compiling to?

I am having this very same problem (in addition to problems with spell-checking and text substitutions just randomly stopping working, but that’s a separate issue.) I’ve got my separators all set to be a ‘Single Return’ in Compile, with no title prefix or suffix, with no line breaks at the start of or at the end of any of the documents. Yet no matter what format I compile for with these exact same settings, I STILL get an extra blank line in between documents when the final document (or print copy) comes out.


Are you sure it’s an extra return character and not just double line spacing, for instance?
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No, I’m pretty sure. Each of the documents is itself double-spaced, but none of them have a carriage return at the end. (I checked this first thing.) Paragraph spacing is set at 0, page padding is set to 0, line spacing is set to 2.0, but as I said, no line returns at the end or the beginning of each.


p.s. Hey KB – Just wondering if you had a chance to the post in the other forum (the one here: https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/still-having-substitution-problems/15901/1), as I’ve been rather active on that one the past few days, trying to do a little diligence on rooting out the cause of the issue, as the issue is ongoing…