2 feature suggestions

(1) The new auto back-up is cool. It’d be even cooler if it could be set up for a dual auto back-up - for example, I would like to be able to auto-bak to both Dropbox and a USB flash drive. If it had a dual capability, it’d pretty much eliminate the whole need to fuss with back ups at all.

(2) It’d be helpful if the Synopsis box in the Inspector column could be lengthened; that is, if you could drag the bottom down to give it more column space. In its present form, it seems a bit inflexible. You should be able to resize the synopsis and document notes sections to suit your unique needs.


You can use Back Up To… to create a second backup. (Automatically backing up to a USB drive might cause problems if the USB isn’t inserted.)

The synopsis in the inspector maintains a 5x3 ratio, so you can always widen the inspector. It’s not possible to have it made taller because of space considerations for the elements below it, and the necessity of taking smaller screen setups into consideration.

Thanks and all the best,