2 How To questions from a newbie

I know the answers are somewhere in the manual, but I’m in the midst of Nanowrimo and behind in my word count and I promise I’ll read it all in December, okay?

  1. How/can you change the paragraph style? I want a blank line between paragraphs and no indented first line. Can I do this? And, if possible, can I get that established as a default for on-going writing AND is there an easy way to change all stuff I’ve already written over to that style from what it is now?

  2. I’m writing with each scenelet as a separate file, and not always in consecutive order. In the past I’ve always mailed the new text pieces each day off as an offsite backup. What is the easiest way to collect all the new text into one, er, lump for emailing?

I can open all the new bits into the editor at once (this is a scrivening, yes?) but I don’t seem to be able to do a control-A to copy them all into the clipboard. I just get whichever subsection – the stuff between one set of lines. Do I have to c&p each file individually?

So far I’m been compiling the entire project and attaching the output to an email, but as the project grows this is obviously consuming more and more space.

Thanks for any help!

Go to Tools > Options (or just press ‘F11’)
then go to the Editor tab. You can adjust your default para stuff here.
If you want to change the default font itself clcik on the big blue ‘A’ at the left of the text options.
To then apply these changes to older scenes, select that file in the binder and then go to
Documents > Convert > Formatting to Default text style.

Compiling is still probably the easiest way to go, only when you do it, make sure you have the full expanded compile dialogue box open - press the little blue arrow next to the “Format As” option to toggle basic and advanced.
Then when in the ‘contents’ pane (see options on the left of the box) just make sure that only the sections you want to send out are marked as ‘included’.

Or make doing backups much easier; get a free dropbox.com account, set up the client on all your computers, and then use the automatic backup feature (in Scrivener’s settings) to save zipped backups to your Drop Box folder. Your backups will then be “in the cloud”, and on every computer where you’ve installed and configured dropbox.

Thank you for such a fast reply!

I have a dropbox account, but I thought I’d read many bug reports about it screwing up Scrivener? So I’ve been avoiding it.

Thanks for the info on how to do a partial compile, that sounds just like what I need and is safer.

Well you’ll have to read the manual section titled “Scrivener Everywhere” to make sure and avoid the pitfalls of editing your project in a Dropbox folder. But sending your zipped backups there couldn’t be safer. And since you can set Scrivener to create a zipped backup every time you close your project (or open it, or manually choose File->Save), it gets pretty easy.

But if you want to stick with the compiles, why not just do your compiles of the entire manuscript and save that compiled document to Dropbox instead of email? You can still get to it via the browser from any computer, and you don’t have to worry about your email box filling up.