2 issues: Hyphenation and Table of Contents


I use Scrivener and I am planning to publish my first eBook soon. It’s all brilliant and I’ve been managing really well, but there are two things I just cannot get to grips with.

In the ePub compilation, words are randomly hyphenated. (My book is in German and maybe Scrivener applies the rules for English hyphenation, but I can’t leave it like that in German.) I didn’t hyphenate anything in the Editor, and “Use hyphenation” in the Preferences for the Editor is not ticked.

I can’t find a way to switch this off.

  1. Table of Contents in the Kobo version

I moved my chapters around several times. This is correctly reflected in iBooks, but not in the Kobo version. Although the chapters appear in the correct order, the table of contents and the footer on each page shows the wrong title. Any ideas why this is?

I would very much appreciate your help with this. Sorry if the answers are written somewhere already, but I couldn’t find them.

Thanks and best wishes,

Regarding hyphenation, this must be down to the e-reader software and not Scrivener. E-pub files use HTML internally for the text, and HTML has no concept of hyphenation, certainly not in the HTML that Scrivener exports to. So it sounds as though whichever software you are opening the ePub in is hyphenating the text. Try opening it in a range of different ePub readers.

I don’t know much about Kobo, I’m afraid. There are two tables of contents, though, technically. The first is the internal table of contents, generated from your binder, which not all e-readers show. Adobe Digital Editions uses this as the basis of its navigation bar, and iBooks uses it when you click on the little table-of-contents icon button next to the “Library” button. The second is the HTML table of contents, which most e-readers to show. It may be that you have a discrepancy between the two. If Scrivener is automatically generating your table of contents, you should be fine, but perhaps you have created your own table of contents from Scrivener links? If so, and if you didn’t update this after moving things around, you will need to do so.

Hope that helps.

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