2 issues: one small, the other more of an annoyance

1.6.1 for Windows, Win7 Ultimate

  1. (minor)I alt tab from Scrivener to Spotify quite often. I only write in fullscreen mode. When I alt tab to Spotify and back into Scrivener, the blinking cursor is gone. I can still type fine and it’s in the spot where the cursor was previous to the alt tab, but I have no way of knowing where the cursor is. If I click on the screen, the cursor re-appears.

  2. (annoyance, but more of a problem for me) As stated above, I only write in fullscreen mode. I use the fullscreen to keep track of project notes, research, meta-data, and other general organization and planning. Because of this, I always keep my Keywords window (which I use a LOT) open. If I go to fullscreen mode, this window closes. When I first started using Scrivener, this didn’t happen. If I left the window open, it stayed open. Now I’m constantly needing to reopen it. I know this seems like a small annoyance, but for someone that uses keywords as much as I do, this gets quite frustrating over the course of a long writing session.


I have noticed a similar issue with the Tables Properties box in full screen. If I move the focus from this box back to the full screen, then the box disappears ‘behind’ the full screen. To get it back, I have to go out of full screen mode, close the box, go back into full screen mode again, and re-open it using the right mouse menu.

Thanks both; these two issues are on the bug list (counting the floating dialogs, keywords and table properties, as one).