2 minor feature requests

  1. When you do a global search, the binder reflects matching files as a “search results” pane. When I click one of those files, it seems to go back to where I last was in that file. My intuition suggests it ought to immediately go to the first match for my search. Currently I’m scrolling around looking for the highlighted word.

  2. In a lot of editors, when you click next to the leftmost part of the line (ie the gutter/margin) it places the cursor at the beginning of the line. In scrivener clicking the margin/gutter doesn’t seem to do anything. As a result I find I have to be very precise when I want to put the cursor at the start of a line with the mouse (or I just use ctrl-a or cmd-left).


On the first point, you don’t have to scroll around. When you use project search, the phrase that you type in here will automatically be loaded into the document find panel as well—you don’t even have to open it up to use it—just hit Cmd-G to scroll to the next instance.

As for whether or not it should automatically do that, I’m not sure, that might not be what everyone wants (not everyone wants to look at the text they searched for, they only searched for that text to get at something in general, or perhaps even something else entirely), so maybe just sticking to the default way that the editor works is best—then at least you do not have a jarring change in behaviour depending on whether you clicked from a search collection or a static collection.

Cmd-G is easy to hit anyway.

I’m not aware of any OS X based editors (that allow for margin padding) that do this. Which ones were you thinking of? I know stuff like Word and OpenOffice do different things, but those use their own text engines, not the Mac’s.